La récolte de sel, une tradition sacrée que les Autochtones d’Hawaï tentent de protéger

Par une chaude après-midi d’été, Tina Taniguchi est penchée au sol en grattant la terre. Ses cheveux bruns dépassent de son chapeau en feuilles de cocotier. Des taches de boue collent à son tee-shirt et barbouillent son visage souriant. Tina Taniguchi sourit beaucoup lorsqu’elle travaille dans son coin de la saline de Hanapepe, à l’ouest … Read more

Culture. The “deq”, a Kurdish art and tradition “in danger”

In southeastern Turkey, a 24-year-old Kurd is now one of the last guardians of “deq”, an ancient art of Kurdish tattooing, taking on a form of spirituality. By perpetuating this ancestral tradition, it wishes to preserve the threatened culture of an ethnic minority marginalized by successive powers, says “Al-Jazeera”. Fatê Temel was 20 years old … Read more

Tradition, innovation and charity on the way to Christmas

In the pastoral letter sent to the Austrian faithful, on the occasion of Advent 2022, the Austrian bishops wanted to offer a key to understanding trust and hope for the period of preparation for the birth of Emmanuel: “It is not easy for anyone to bear the current uncertainty and the many unanswered questions. Where … Read more

Bracigliano, the story of a tradition in the book ‘Pizzaiolo not by chance’

BRACELET. On the occasion of the closing of Bracigliano Christmas, the Khorakhané Association, together with the Council of the Associations of the Municipality of Bracigliano, presents the book by Salvatore De Caro “Pizzaiolo non per caso” (D&P editors). The appointment is scheduled for this evening, at 7 pm, at Palazzo De Simone. Not a simple … Read more

The Pauline greatness of Benedict XVI is in the Christianity of Tradition beyond the mediocrity of our days

– Advertisements – AgentPress. A Church at the center of the controversy is today there for all to see. With the death of the Pope emeritus Benedict, deep diasporas open up between culture and faith, theology and philosophy, believers and the awareness of the believer. Beyond popular anthropology are the writings and thought of Benedict … Read more

Israel, the Galilee of tradition: from Cana to the places of the spiritual…

On foot along the paths of faith, the Gospel trial which takes 4 days from Nazareth to biblical places is just one of the possibilities offered by the region, or by bike on Lake Tiberias or even skiing ideas for living to the fullest the region north of Jerusalem Israel, a welcoming and generous land, … Read more

Tradition, innovation and charity on the way to Christmas | AgentSIR

A combination of hope and trust, in a serious period of war, the energy crisis, the problems of refugees and the social crisis, has given rise to a series of proposals for Advent, which both in Austria and in Germany, go on the line of historical tradition as well as technological innovation. From the portals … Read more

To Itatí by bicycle, tradition of faith and prayer in motion | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Wednesday December 07, 2022 | 6:05 a.m. A personal and collective feat, an act of faith and hope, is undertaken every December on the eve of the eighth day by the pilgrims on bicycles to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Itatí in Corrientes. A walking path of thousands of promises on two wheels advances … Read more

Bookmark. Mishima, blood and ink in the name of Tradition

Yukio Mishima Fifty-two years ago, on November 25, 1970, shortly after noon, the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima committed seppuku (ritual suicide) in the offices of the Japanese Ministry of Defense in Tokyo. The openly declared reason was the opposition to the decadence of his country and to the article 9 of the Constitution imposed by … Read more

Lot. Concerts de Noël, avec La Soubirane, entre sacré et tradition

Par Rédaction Cahors Publié le 27 Nov 22 à 17:00  Actu Lot Voir mon actu Suivre ce média Le trio vocal féminin « La Soubirane » fait la tournée des églises du Lot du 2 au 18 décembre, pour présenter des chants de Noël. (©DR ) À la vibrante magie du chant traditionnel polyphonique, né d’une harmonie … Read more