“Avatar 2”: invented language, ecology, religion… Five astonishing facts about the saga of James Cameron

Thirteen years after a first part which had generated nearly 3 billion euros in revenue, Avatar returns to theaters on Wednesday, December 14 with a second episode, The Way of the Water. This monumental saga, thought about since 2014, is inspired by several ancient religions and has resulted in the creation of a new language: … Read more

Benedict XVI and ecology: Protecting creation requires a new cultural vision

More than any of his predecessors, the German pontiff has spoken out about the environment and ecology, to the point that he has earned the nickname “Green Pope.” Father Mariano Pappalardo, director of the Evangelization and Catechesis service of the diocese of Rieti: for him, the book of nature is an “invisible book” that includes … Read more

In the Drôme, Church actors are trained in integral ecology

“It’s stimulating, because we understand that everything is linked and it gives us the inner motivation to act”, sums up Elizabeth. Last year, this retiree from Drôme took part, with her husband, in the very first cycle of the Laudato si’ campus, in the diocese of Valence. Their group, made up of about twenty lay … Read more

Avatar 2, when science fiction democratizes ecology and animist thought

The sequel to the biggest success in the history of cinema arrives in theaters with a second opus entitled “La Voie de l’eau”. 13 years after the lush forests of the planet Pandora, Avatar takes us there this time to discover marine ecosystems. Two specialists analyze us for Green the film’s ecological message and the … Read more

Politics, ecology and spirituality are the keywords of the 2023 International Art Biennale | Duty

embed note October 13, 2022, 3:50 PM October 13, 2022, 3:50 PM By: Roxana Jimenez Leon With a budget of Bs 700,000, the XXII International Art Biennial of Santa Cruz de la Sierra will be held from August 9 to August 27. September 2023 in the Urban Park. The announcement of the dates and themes … Read more

“Avatar stages two radically different forms of ecology”

As the sequel to James Cameron’s blockbuster hits screens on December 14, we asked anthropologist Perig Pitrou to analyze the first opus. Beyond nature and culture, what representations of life are hidden behind the film’s ecological message? The film Avatar and his famous Na’vis, blue-skinned extraterrestrials struggling with Earthlings eager for conquest, offered in 2009 … Read more

With the film “The Letter”, the Laudato Si’ movement brings ecology to the world | RCF

The origins of a letter with international ambitions In May 2015, two years after his election, Pope Francis published Laudato Si’, hailed by many observers and recognized as a reference in terms of integral ecology. The first words of the encyclical are those of Saint Francis of Assisi. Very quickly, Laudato Si’ became the name … Read more

For the mayor of Orléans, “by abandoning ecology to its opponents, the right is committing a moral and political fault”

At the time of the opening of COP 27, this apocryphal quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has never been so topical in the face of the ecological challenge that stands before us: “We don’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children”. The planet is becoming ever more disrupted, ever faster, … Read more

“The Church has a joyful message to make on ecology”

How did you receive this unique invitation? The Conference of Bishops of France (CEF) has launched a three-year reflection on ecology. That’s fine, because ecological conversion takes time. We’re not all going to get into ecology at the end of a plenary assembly! It has been five years since the encyclical Laudato If has been … Read more

Ecology: the fanatics of the climate Apocalypse

In his work on The intellectual origins of Leninism (Gallimard), the historian Alain Besançon had this famous formula: “Lenin does not know that he believes. He thinks he knows. » Wondering about the nature of modern political ideologies, he noticed that they combined two usually opposite characteristics: belief and knowledge. As knowledge, they claimed to … Read more