The Migration Festival returns to Turin, focusing on war and climate change

War, climate change and the gender issue. These are the cornerstones of the Migration Festival, which returns to Turin for its own fourth edition from 27 September to 2 October and this year too unfolds in various places in the city, between the former Cemetery of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Holden School, the Sandretto … Read more

San Michele: in the places and times of change | Chronicles Salerno

A place of high spirituality is the cave dedicated to the archangel in Olevano sul Tusciano, among the faithful in procession, brigands and Lucifer evicted with a kick By Aristide Fiore The Grotta di S. Michele Arcangelo, in Olevano sul Tusciano is a highly symbolic place, where ancient and contemporary paths cross which enrich its … Read more

“The procession, the mass or the party itself make sense if I open my heart and change”


Victory.- A new and different year in this close Marian relationship between the Victorians and the Basque Virgin will be reflected in the Novena for Aránzazu, which began on Tuesday, August 30, and will culminate on September 8 with its epicenter in the basilica of the same name. About this instance we spoke with the … Read more

Ecological transition: “Detaching from our ego is the key to change”


Former researcher at the CNRS in climatology, Mathieu Labonne directs the Oasis Cooperative, which brings together a network of more than 1,200 schoolchildren in France. He himself lives in the Plessis farm, an eco-hamlet backed by the Amma center near Chartres. Author of Serving the world, advocating for a spiritual ecology (Tana), it calls for … Read more

Dax Dasilva relies on spirituality to change the world


“If you don’t have access to the values ​​of spirituality, you’ll start to believe that everything that’s right — or wrong — is your fault,” according to Dax Dasilva, founder and executive chairman of the board of Lightspeed Commerce. (Picture: courtesy) GUEST BLOG. In the business world, spirituality is rarely discussed. For Lightspeed Commerce Founder … Read more

Time of change in the Diocese of Lecce, The new appointments of Archbishop Seccia

Time of changes in the Archdiocese of Lecce. Yesterday morning the archbishop Michele Seccia gathered the diocesan clergy in Roca on the occasion of the usual day of the priesthood at the end of the pastoral year. During the meeting he made official the appointments of the new parish priests and other pastoral services which … Read more