“Tarot to change”: can the cards and their arcana be related to psychology?

How is tarot related to psychology? In “Tarot to change”, the American Jessica Dore shares tools that mix both practices to get to know oneself better, manage emotions and reach “healing”. The American Author jessica doré has made a whole career in the interstice in which the tarot and the psychology. In his successful book … Read more

“Such a change will not exist”: uncertainty in the union of actors due to the appointment of vice

To a large extent, the actors’ union supported President Gustavo Petro during his campaign. Despite the high expectations regarding the development of culture during the Government, the most recent appointment in the ICT Ministry turned out to be a disappointment for the sector. On his social networks, Julio César Herrera, recognized for his role as … Read more

Total change: these are the new faces that ‘Around the World in 80 Laughter’ will have

Around the world in 80 laughs is an entertainment format canal Caracol that in its past editions has brought together the best Colombian comedians to share new adventures during fun trips with famous presenters, models and even singers, such as Laura Tobón, Don Jediondo, Suso El Paspi, Melina Ramírez, Boyacoman, Greeicy Rendón, Jessica Cediel, Catalina … Read more

Pitty, the celebrity numerologist: due to health problems, she decided to change her life and start a great transformation

Over time, her predictions became great successes and positioned her as the leading numerologist for celebrities. Of Arab roots, Verónica Asad -better known as Pitty, the numerologist- She is one of the most respected and recognized in her profession in Argentina and several celebrities such as Isabel Macedo, Nicole Neumann, Laurita Fernández and Wanda Nara … Read more

Change on Facebook: no more religion, politics or sexual orientation

The social network is updating and will soon prevent its users from sharing data deemed too personal. Facebook will quietly remove certain information from its users’ profiles. It is the consultant Matt Nevara, specialist in social networks, who announces the news on Twitter. Relayed by Gizmodo, the information is confirmed by the platform. The social … Read more

Rachid Bouchareb: “After the death of Malik and Abdel, we thought things were going to change”

The cross : Why did you choose to reactivate the memory of that night from December 5 to 6, 1986, which saw the death of Malik Oussekine and Abdel Benyahia? Rachid Bouchareb : It’s a project that I had for a long time. But, I did first Native, then Outlaw. Our brothers is sort of … Read more

Dax Dasilva relies on spirituality to change the world

“If you don’t have access to the values ​​of spirituality, you’ll start to believe that everything that’s right — or wrong — is your fault,” according to Dax Dasilva, founder and executive chairman of the board of Lightspeed Commerce. (Picture: courtesy) GUEST BLOG. In the business world, spirituality is rarely discussed. For Lightspeed Commerce Founder … Read more

The backlash of the Catholic Church is explained above all by a change in society

A few weeks ago, a preparatory festival for World Youth Days (WYD) brought together 1,200 young Catholics at Maredsous Abbey. An event, masterfully orchestrated by the youth ministry. Present at this meeting, a prelate of foreign origin confided to me: “I am impressed by all the efforts made”, immediately adding, “but I wonder why these … Read more