The best Marvel movie since Avengers: Endgame. Spoiler

Together again, for the last time. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters with a double mission: fire some of the most charismatic characters in the MCU, and reconcile with an audience who seems exhausted by the superhero genre. In any case, the new release Marvel is one of the movies most anticipated of … Read more

Movie theater. When the difference bursts the screen

SUMMARY fight for integration Spike for the future Recipes for success “Why does the little girl dream that she is on a merry-go-round?” “She had a car accident, she is in a coma”, answers Valérie Liebgott, who runs from one seat to another to hand the microphone to the CM1 students of the Faïenceries primary … Read more

It lasts more than two hours but it flies by: the Netflix movie with Julia Roberts that everyone is watching

Netflix offers in its menu one of the most mobilizing films of Julia Roberts: “Eat Pray Love”. A 2010 film that raises the problems of a woman in middle age, and that do not lose their validity. It has 12 chapters and is the dramatic comedy of the moment: the Netflix series that is all … Read more

Mexican actors drowned while filming a movie: filming continued despite the tragedy

Two Mexican actors drowned during the filming of the movie ‘Wedding Night’. According to information from witnesses, the victims, identified as Luis Manuel Gutiérrez, 47, and Marco Antonio Curiel Pérez, 46, were swept away by a current along with a third person who managed to be rescued. The tragedy took place on the coast of … Read more

1 Bond Movie Name Refers To TWO Real Ian Fleming Shots | Pretty Reel

James Bond creator Ian Fleming has an incredibly rich history, and one of the most popular 007 films uses a title that references his real life. There have been a slew of James Bond films over the years, but the title of one of the franchise’s most popular films actually refers to two real-life aspects … Read more

White Noise, Noah Baumbach’s New Netflix Movie, Explained

There’s a white noise machine in my room. I got it to block out traffic noise from the busy avenue outside my window, but years ago we moved our bedroom to the back of the apartment. Now technically useless, the white noise machine continues to work every night. I downloaded two different apps on my … Read more

Netflix’s The Last Airbender Can’t Ignore 1 Band The Movie Made | Pretty Reel

Residence SR Originals Netflix’s The Last Airbender Can’t Ignore 1 Band The Movie Made Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender has the ability to fix another movie error by including a specific group from the original show. Netflix’s next Avatar: The Last Airbender may include a group that the film adaptation skipped. The live-action version of … Read more

Mandy Reinvigorates 1970s Legacy In Psychedelic Horror Movie

mandy (2018) is a difficult film to pin down: part revenge flick and part visual art, it’s a film that has continued to defy attempts at categorization. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, it has built a cult following since its release, and started what this author has affectionately called the Cageissance, for the … Read more