The actors of “The Chosen” speak exclusively for ALETEIA

Elizabeth Tabish, Noah James and Amber Williams tell in Madrid their experience filming the new version of the gospels that has broken schemes around the world We have something special for you. Find your employer for 2023!This saint will be your intercessor and support. Click the button below 👇 Click here At the end of … Read more

The actors of “The Chosen” speak exclusively at ALETEIA

Elizabeth Tabish, Noah James and Amber Williams talk in Madrid about their experience in shooting the new version of the Gospels that has broken the mold all over the world At the end of October, the Spanish capital came to a standstill when three of the many famous actors who are part of the beautiful … Read more

ContextMinds: a mind mapping tool exclusively for SEO

Mind mapping is a very effective way to structure a project or strategy. This method involves transforming a long list of ideas into an easy-to-understand visual representation. On the market there are several tools to create mind maps. Whether ContextMinds is one of them, it is a bit different from its competitors, because it is … Read more

Vativision exclusively on CHILI

From tomorrow, Vativisiona company active since June 2020 that produces and distributes on demand documentaries, films, TV series and services of Christian inspiration, will be present, exclusively, on KILOSthe first transactional platform in Italy for access on demand (TVOD / AVOD) to films and TV series without subscription barriers, with a dedicated channel. The partnership … Read more

Keanu Reeves tells himself exclusively to Amica

“Here’s the corkscrew, Keanu, arrange it!” And down to laughing like crazy, as soon as I remind him of this episode linked to the times that were. He had recently received his first cinema successes and always came to the restaurant where I worked as a maître d ‘dining room. Punctually, after ordering a $ … Read more