International Colloquium “Religion, War and Peace”

Research – International Colloquium International Colloquium “Religion, War and Peace” From October 13, 2022 to October 14, 2022 Updated September 28, 2022 This symposium brings together researchers from around the world who study the links between religions and violence. October 14 and 15, 2022, Salle Jean Borde de la MSH Bordeaux. The project was born … Read more

Government Holds IV Interreligious Conference for Peace

For the fourth consecutive year, the Government of Mexico held the Interreligious Day for Peace, in which the Ministry of the Interior endorsed its commitment to continue collaborating with all religious denominations in the country and advance the peacebuilding agenda in the territory. The venue for the meeting this 2022 is the Museum of World … Read more

Ministry of the Interior holds IV Interreligious Conference for Peace


For the fourth consecutive year, the Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of the Interior, held the Interreligious Day for Peace, in order to collaborate with all religious denominations and advance the peacebuilding agenda in the country. Within the framework of the inauguration of said meeting, headed by the head of the Unit for Religious … Read more

International Day of Peace: a date to reconcile and live in harmony


In many regions of the world, the flags of peace are raised as a synonym for no more war! No more conflict! However, human experience has shown that peace has much broader and more diverse meanings; It also depends on the culture and the ways in which communities dialogue and resolve their conflicts. Talking about … Read more

The pope launches his cry for peace for Ukraine from another former Soviet republic, Kazakhstan


Pope Francis made an urgent call on Tuesday in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, to demand peace in Ukraine and an immediate end to a conflict he called “tragic and senseless war.” On his 38th pontifical trip, Francis raised his voice alongside the country’s president and said: “I have come to echo the request of … Read more

Places of the soul. The TV Fairy finds peace in the climbs to the Marian shrine


Maria Giovanni Elmi with her husband Gabriele Massarutto – MCG Maria Giovanna Elmi has always been in the hearts of Italians since she was one of the famous “Signorine buonasera” of Rai. He has conducted two Sanremo Festivals: the first of color television, in 1977, with Mike Bongiorno, the second in 1978 with a starring … Read more

Addicted to sports, Alison Bechdel puts her body to the test to find inner peace


THE BD BOX – With The Secret of Superhuman Strength, the American designer delivers a fascinating autobiography articulated around physical exercise and the mental state that results from it. A work of enthusiastic introspection which summons as much Eastern philosophies as Jack Kerouac. As a child, Alison Bechdel was passionate about bodybuilders and quite naturally … Read more

The XXXV Week for Peace: Territories on the Move for Peace! | Episcopal Conference of Colombia


By: P. Rafael Castillo Torres – From September 4 to 11, Colombians celebrate the Week for Peace, as a setting for multiple meetings and at multiple levels in which territorial social mobilization will make visible those processes and efforts of people, organizations and communities that work for the achievement of peace, the peaceful resolution of … Read more

On the way to peace, the 21st edition of the March to Barbiana on 3 September


In Barbiana in the name of peace and non-violence. It is the topicality of Don Milani’s teaching, who still speaks to us today and, as underlined by the President of the Region this morning, offers us food for thought on the issues of the present. “Peace. Between non-violence and resistance “is precisely the theme of … Read more

Gen Verde: a tour in Eastern Europe to build dialogue and peace with young people


The first European tour, after the pandemic, of the international artistic band has ended. Concerts, workshops and meetings in Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with the dramatic reality of the war in Ukraine in the background. “It was a confirmation of how much art is an effective tool for fostering dialogue and integration”, … Read more