Ghost, Channing Tatum announces a remake very different from the original

The Magic Mike star has announced that he has acquired the rights to the cult film with his production company, released in 1990. The actor’s idea is to shoot a not too faithful remake of the original film which, according to him, it would need “several changes” to be suitable for the tastes of today’s audience

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A few years ago, on the occasion of the film’s thirtieth anniversary, Scott Tobias on Guardian was quite lapidary about the possibility of a possible remake of Ghosts: “It’s kind of a unicorn, the kind of movie that Hollywood is no longer interested in making: an original low-budget love story with a spiritual foundation.” Many fans of the 1990 cult had now resigned themselves to agreeing with him, especially after the project for a TV series inspired by the film with Demi Moore it was shipwrecked at its most beautiful in 2013. Now, to bring the romantic and “ectoplasmic” love story back to the screens, however, a star like Channing Tatum is trying again and the conditions for things to go well this time are all there.

Either it becomes something special or it will be a failure

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The star of Magic Mike announced to the microphones of variety to have acquired the rights to Ghostswith the idea of ​​being both producer and possibly star of an upcoming remake: “We took the rights to Ghosts. My production company Free Association is trying to put together a remake. But we want to do something different and I think changes will be needed,” said the actor without specifying what differences he would like to make from the original work. It must be said that the story of the film had already known several rewrites before arriving on the big screen. Someone even says that the screenplay was reviewed 19 times before being considered ready and, in any case, the first reading of the script still didn’t completely convince the protagonist Demi Moore: “A love story, with a guy, dead, who he tries to save his wife, then there’s a comedy part but it’s really a real love story. I was like, ‘Okay, this is a recipe for disaster.’ Either it becomes something special and really wonderful, or it will be a failure ”, the diva would later recall, who at her time was only 28 years old and had few prominent experiences on her resume.

A cult released in a magical year for cinema

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The special chemistry that developed between Moore and Patrick Swayze on the set he finally allowed both of them to be perfect in two roles for which almost half of Hollywood applied. The work of the pair of leading actors proved to be essential to prevent this love story with elements of fantasy, comedy and even thriller from really turning into a disaster. To contribute to the success of a film that managed to break the bank at the box office despite the competition from classics such as Mom, I missed my plane, Pretty Woman and Dances with Wolves was certainly the participation then of Whoopi Goldberg (strongly advocated by Swayze). Thanks to the role of the charlatan medium Oda Mae Brown, Goldberg even won the Oscar, giving away memorable jokes that still remain in the collective imagination today. That for the actress was not even the only statuette for the film Jerry Zucker, which also won the award for best original screenplay against five nominations. But why then did Tatum talk about wanting to make changes to such a perfect formula?

how will it change ghost?


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The fear of many is that the remake could end up distorting history in the name of political correctness. Is 1990 Molly too compliant for today’s audience? Or is Tatum’s fear that the African-American medium Oda Mae may be too stereotyped in 2023? The risk is that in today’s Hollywood, obsessed more than ever with making money, the subtle but pervasive denunciation of the obsession with money (embodied in the original by the antagonist Carl, played by Tony Goldwyn). For the record, however, two remakes of this classic should already be reported, one in the form of a musical and one in an oriental sauce. The Japanese Ghost: Mouichido Dakishimetai already in 2010 he tried to change the story a bit, making the female protagonist become a ghost. We will see the path that Channing Tatum will choose, who in the past had already tried to bring another cult like Splash: A siren in Manhattan. In that case everything ended in nothing. The wish is that this time you meet better luck and that the remake of Ghosts does not turn into a “ghost-project” this time too.

Ghost, Channing Tatum announces a remake very different from the original