Peace Prize 2023, a Gala evening in the Stupor Mundi auditorium

Gala evening in the auditorium of the Liceo Artistico Stupor Mundi in Corato, where the third edition of the Peace Prizeorganized by the Liceo Artistico itself, by the Istituto Comprensivo Jannuzzi – Di Donna, by the Istituto Comprensivo Tattoli-De Gasperi and by the Fidelis Quadratum Association. The award rewarded authoritative representatives of the regional and … Read more

Milan, ‘Anima Mundi’: Leopardi on stage

“ANIMA MUNDI”: IN MILAN LEOPARDI TALK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MAN AND NATURE From Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 December, the Oscar Theater, the little pearl managed by Giacomo Poretti, will host Anima Mundi, an intense, lyrical and powerful show, by and with Lucilla Giagnoni, already known to the general public for Reading the 100 … Read more

Amina mundi, Lucilla Giagnoni | Theatresonline

SOUL MUNDIA production by the Brescia Theater Center, TPE-Teatro Piemonte Europa by and with Lucilla Giagnonicollaboration on texts Maria Rosa Pantèmusic Paolo Pizzimentilights and video Massimo Violatostage dress Elisa De Console Baldinoassistant director Daniela Falconiorganizational secretariat Elisa Zanino company production of Brescia Theater Center, TPE – Piedmont Europe Theaterwith the collaboration of the New Faraggiana … Read more