Peace Prize 2023 to the Apulian Foundation for Neurodiversity, avv. Francesco Bruno and Prof. Claudia Figliolia

Gala evening in the auditorium of Artistic High School “Stupor Mundi” of Coratowhere yesterday was held third edition of the “Peace Prize”organized by the Liceo Artistico itself, by the Istituto Comprensivo Jannuzzi – Di Donna, by the Istituto Comprensivo Tattoli-De Gasperi and by the Fidelis Quadratum Association.

The award rewarded authoritative representatives of the regional and national territory for their commitment to spreading values ​​and actions of peace.

During the evening, hosted by Ida Vinella, several well-known faces from the show conquered the stage (stand out from the media point of view those of the psychic Craig Warwick and the actor and director Mingo), but also very important personalities who have a particular social relevance at the local and national level. All in a packed Auditorium in every order of seat.

Before the official award ceremony, space for another recognition, the one dedicated to the “Tree of Peace” competition, a project carried out in the Tattoli De Gasperi Comprehensive Institute and the Jannuzzi Mons. Di Donna Comprehensive Institute in Andria, with the award ceremony on the stage of the young students who have created the most representative papers on the theme of peace. To reward the boys Lilla Bruno (president of FIDAPA Andria) and Francesca Di Ciommo (president of FIDAPA Corato).

The awards ceremony of the Peace Prize was followed with the canonical commemorative plaque and a reproduction of a coin with the effigy of Frederick II of Swabia to the following guests:

  • Dr. Fiammetta Perrone, national president of Fidapa, for having shown commitment to promoting the universal message in defense of human rights and peace, with personal human and professional testimony, demonstrating how creativity and sensitivity can give life to true masterpieces full of values ​​and good feelings , operating with conscience, fairness, justice, equity and equality.
  • dr. Marcellus Pacificus, national president of Anief, for his exquisite intellect and great cultural preparation; his historical sensitivity is forming the new generations who keep within them the seeds of humility, conscience, justice and peace, true pillars of civil society. His social commitment is of great support to those who work in the school world.
  • Craig Warwick, writer and psychic, for his sensitivity and attention in sharing and promoting the continuous search for truth and in making his gifts available, broadening the horizons of spirituality.
  • Dr. Nunzia LauritanoCEO OrientaCampus Telematic University, for his tireless activity as a teacher, aimed at the orientation and training of young and old, working in an enthusiastic, proactive, conscientious and correct way.
  • adv. Francesco Bruno and Prof. Claudia Figliolia of the Pugliese Foundation for Neurodiversity, for having demonstrated daily commitment to social issues with strength, tenacity and courage, facing difficult choices with serenity, balance and grace, managing to transform a problem into an opportunity for growth for the community.
  • actor Mingo De Pasquale, for demonstrating how passion, creativity, constant commitment and talent can transform into authentic success and a tool to raise awareness of consciences and be an example to young people eager to embark on the same path as him.

At the end of the evening, the students of the Jannuzzi Mons. Di Donna di Andria comprehensive institute gave life to the show “A Little Girl, every Little Girl“, which starts from the reading of the New Bill of Rights of the Child and the book “One, nine and one hundred thousand, Stories of girls and shared rights” written by some members of the Fidapa association.

In a world increasingly decimated by wars and conflicts of all sorts, evenings like these offer authentic messages of hope, not only to all of us, but also and above all to all those who still live in innocence and childhood, to inculcate them from an early age seeds of hope, peace, equality, for a better world.

Peace Prize 2023 to the Apulian Foundation for Neurodiversity, avv. Francesco Bruno and Prof. Claudia Figliolia