Nancy: Catholics accuse an artist of “making fun of Jesus”, she replies

A demonstration against the exhibition “Sacred Monsters” by the artist Emmanuelle De Rosa will be held in front of the MJC Bazin in Nancy on Friday 20 January. (©Amandine Mehl/ Lorraine News)

To Nancythe MJC Bazin currently presents the work of theartist Emmanuelle De Rosa in Galerie Z. An exhibition entitled “ holy monsters » which immerses the visitor in an atmosphere « cabinet of curiosities ” around the spirituality.

Although the feedback is mostly positive, the work of the person concerned has nevertheless aroused the anger of some people. And, more specifically, that of some catholics. A demonstration is also scheduled in front of the MJC Bazin, Friday, January 20, 2023, during which a repair rosary will be recited.

“Our duty is to express our holy anger”

“Faced with an exhibition blasphemous turning in derision Jesus, crucified by Emmanuelle De Rosa, our duty is to express our holy wrath “Can we read on social networks.

Opponents went even further by making a assembly from a photo of the artist, transforming it into Devil. In the publication that accompanies it, we can read that the autodidact is a lawyer, then a journalist, but that she is also a Freemason.

“It’s distressing, it’s pathetic! »

Contacted by Lorraine News, Emmanuelle De Rosa admits to having “fallen out of her chair” when she became aware of the elements mentioned above. ” It is distressingit is pathetic ! They threaten to set on fire at the exhibition, but do they know that the MJC welcomes children ? These people make threats and then come to pray. It’s inconsistent. It’s a hate speech which goes totally against what they preach”.

She is all the more shocked as it is “the first time” that such a thing has happened. “Obviously, we can offend sensibilities. But, we can discuss it calmly. I have already exchanged with believersexplaining to them my work, which revolves around spirituality, and they joined my point of view” she explains, before adding: “In the 21st century, I did not know that we still wanted burn witches ! “.

Question “what remains of spirituality in our contemporary Western society”

In the about the exhibition, one can read the following: “This work questions what remains of spirituality – in the literary sense of the word – in our contemporary Western society. What do we venerate today, what new temples have created us and for which idols? Biblical golden calf or Holy Consummation, the purpose ultimately remains the same”.

The MJC Bazin supports Emmanuelle De Rosa

Regarding the threats, insults and defamatory remarks poured on the Internet, Emmanuelle De Rosa does not wish to file a complaint. “I don’t want to give them that pleasure. They just want some advertising. These people are homophobic, anti-Semiticagainst the Freemasons, plottersantivax… I don’t really know what suits them”.

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The artist can, however, count on the support of the director of the MJC Bazin, Remi Grosset. Contacted by Lorraine News, he indicates that the exhibition “is a great success, both in terms of technical quality and artistic intention”. As for the opponents, he wonders. “They may be more interested in argue to wonder about the world around us,” he comments.

If you wish to discover the work of Emmanuelle De Rosa, the exhibition “Sacred Monsters” is visible at the Z Gallery of the MJC Bazin in Nancy until February 17, 2023.

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Nancy: Catholics accuse an artist of “making fun of Jesus”, she replies