“Avatar 2”, “Le Petit Nicolas”, “Blonde”… The 6 film events of the fall

♦ Titanic: “Avatar. The Way of the Water, by James Cameron In theaters December 14 Thirteen years after the triumph ofAvatar in theaters (14 million viewers in France), the long-awaited sequel to this spectacular science-fiction film, coupled with an exotic eco-humanist fable, will be released on December 14. Initially planned for 2014, Avatar. The way … Read more

Bella Hadid closes 2022 by revolutionizing her look and goes blonde

Bella Hadid She is back blonde. Well yes, after years in which the supermodel has darkened her natural hair, perhaps to differentiate herself from her superstar sister Gigi, here she is astounding everyone about her by posting a story on Instagram about her where she reveals her brand new golden blonde. A revolution that arrives … Read more

Emma and her complete story in “Wrong Leo ascendant”: “I’m blonde but I don’t give a damn”

«”Wrong Leo ascendant” is because if I had left it wrong and that’s it, you journalists, indeed all of you, would have complained», Emma explains at the press premiere of her documentary, starting tomorrow on Prime Video. “What does Leo rising say about me? But what do I know, I did the calculation of the … Read more

Blonde, Ana de Armas: “Sex scenes will go viral”

During an interview with the US magazine Variety, the protagonist of the biopic dedicated to Marilyn Monroe talked about what she believes some could do with the nude and explicitly sexual scenes of this film. The of her is a well-founded fear, unfortunately. “I know what’s going to go viral and it’s disgusting. It’s shocking … Read more

The unknown, the dark, the truth: the soundtracks of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis find the synthesis in ‘Blonde’ | Rolling Stone Italy

“Nick and Warren are both alike and completely different at the same time. There is a courage in facing the unknown, both in life and in a creative way, the will to put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable and the conviction in the strength of all this ». Words by Andrew Dominik, director … Read more