Gad Elmaleh et son nouveau spectacle diffusé sur Canal+: “C’est ça, en fait, le stand

Pour un artiste qui ne vit que pour la scène, la crise sanitaire a été une véritable torture. Gad Elmaleh est de cette caste. Son dernier spectacle, D’ailleurs, diffusé ce vendredi 20 janvier 2023 sur Canal+, a été peaufiné durant le premier confinement. Par obligation. Alors quand il a été de nouveau possible de se … Read more

Antonina Canal launches two new books on female well

Antonina Canal has dedicated a good part of her life to exploring oriental culture and discovering the relationship between women, dance, healing and inner power. In this journey of immersion in spirituality, the aura-soma therapist and lecturer wrote a series of books, among which stand out the awakening of the goddess (2017), Yes I can … Read more

“Odissea” premieres at Teatros del Canal on October 14 and 15, a poetic journey through movement, image and dance

Canal Theaters celebrate the premiere of odysseya choreographic creation at the hands of María Rovira and Create Dance Company. A poetic journey through movement, image and dance. The music has been provided by Eduardo Iniesta. It is under the seal of Canal Creation and is an emotional reflection of current life. Thus, he reflects on … Read more

The Krystian Lupa Company presents its «Imagine» at the Teatros del Canal

SCENE Writing. Krystian Lupa, Polish theater director, set designer and writer, considered one of the most influential European theater men, today 78 years old, continues to provoke reflections and intense emotions, always transgressive for breaking the rules not only of the show, but those of the other theatricality that concerns us all, without borders, immersed … Read more

Teatros del Canal apuesta por el eclecticismo y una mirada internacional en la temporada 2022

La programación 2022-2023 de Teatros del Canal va a destacar por el eclecticismo y los grandes artistas internacionales que aparecerán en los más de 90 espectáculos que conforman esta temporada. Habrá un total de 32 espectáculos de danza, 22 obras de teatro, 5 musicales, un teatro documental, 22 conciertos de música, cuatro óperas, dos performances … Read more