Sophie Davant, chills of embarrassment in the face of Gad Elmaleh, behavior denounced on France 2

At the controls of the Telethon with Nagui on France 2, Sophie Davant would have been manhandled by Gad Elmaleh untenable. An embarrassment on the board? The king of stand-up multiplies public outings on the occasion of his film inspired by his life, “Reste un peu”, where it is a question ofand his spiritual journey. … Read more

Spiritual retreat in France: the top 10 of the most beautiful places

► Our Lady of the Hermitage Located in a valley surrounded by forests, on the heights of Noirétable (Loire), at an altitude of 1,110 m stands the sanctuary of Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage. According to tradition, the Virgin would have appeared to a hermit near the sanctuary, and a spring would have sprung up below the … Read more

[Tribune] Along the water – What is at work in the assassination of Lola: France in the midst of a spiritual vacuum

There is always something that prevents French society from debating crucial issues in depth. Laziness, emotional dripping, embarrassment, fear, cowardice, and so many others. In the case of the assassination of Lola, it is the political recovery. The confrontation between the researchers of responsibility is all the more indecent, as it has also deprived Lola’s … Read more

Koulibaly: ‘Better to win with Senegal than to be world champion with France’


Koulibaly and ‘global’ memories Koulibaly is truly a raging river: “I remember we played this match with my friends before the quarterfinals. We lost to the Turks and it looked like someone died. We argued among ourselves for making mistakes, we held back tears, we collapsed on the ground. In our world, a group of … Read more

PARIS Ile de France. Le futur Musée de la Marine ouvrira à l’automne 2023

  PARIS Le futur Musée de la Marine ouvrira à l’automne 2023 (Palais de Chaillot – Place du Trocadéro) 1- Présentation2- Le teaser (vidéo)3 – Le Musée / dernières infos (Vidéo) par le Directeur du Musée Vincent Campredon4 – Le Projet5 – Les chiffres6- Projet architectural7- Projet muséographique .1) – Fermé depuis 2017, le musée … Read more

“A collapsing monument”: France 3 buries “More beautiful life”


PCould we envisage a more mistralian end? For the last week of More beautiful life, in mid-November, the inhabitants of the emblematic (fictional) district of Marseille join forces to save one of their hostages and reveal a political plot that brought down the cops from the police station one by one. A concentrate of the … Read more

A tour of the Indians of Brazil in New Aquitaine and Ile de France

Atia Pankararu during an evening organized by Attac, CRID and Other Brazil on November 15, 2022 at the CICP in Paris Atia Pankararu, leader of the indigenous Pankararu community and Sebastian Gerlic President of the NGO Thydewa arrived in France for a fortnight until December 1st, they plan to participate in a number of events … Read more

France: “significant” increase in sectarian aberrations in 2021 but declining figure for the evangelical movement


Two years after the start of the health crisis, France is facing “an unprecedented increase in acts of a sectarian nature”, with a “significant” increase in referrals to the Interministerial Mission for Vigilance and the Fight against Sectarian Abuses (Miviludes) . 153 concern evangelicals, this is the lowest figure since 2015 for this Christian movement. … Read more

Spiritual retreat in France: the file of La Croix


Spiritual retreat in France: the file of La Croix The latest articles Selection Nantes, Pornic… 5 places of spiritual retreats to do in Loire-Atlantique Selection Alençon, Bricquebec, Bec-Hellouin… 5 places of spiritual retreats to do in Normandy Selection Visit to Maine-et-Loire: 5 ideas for spiritual retreats to do between Nantes and Angers Selection … Read more

At its summer university, the Great Mosque of Paris is a unifying actor of Islam in France


This is a first for the Grand Mosque of Paris. A month before the celebration of the centenary of the laying of its first stone, on October 19, the Fédération de la Great Mosque of Parisled by its president Chems-Eddine Hafiz, organized a summer university to think about its strategic orientations. Through this event, the … Read more