Joan of Arc, protagonist of the saints of May 30

In the vast history of humanity, there are figures who stand out for their courage, unwavering faith, and a determination that transcends conventional barriers. One of these figures is Saint Joan of Arc, known as the Maiden of Orleans. Her story is a testament to courage and devotion, and her legacy continues to inspire people … Read more

Discovering the Breton Saints. January 12th is Saint Aofred’s Day

In this section, we invite you to discover the history of the Saints Bretons. The Breton saints designate Breton personalities venerated for the exemplary character of their life from a Christian point of view. Few of them were recognized as saints by the canonization procedure of the Catholic Church (implemented several centuries after their death), … Read more

Iconoclast: sacristans, saints (and holy pictures) by Martinello – Lo Spazio Bianco

Who is an iconoclast? The dictionary reads: “Destroyer of sacred images” and, figuratively, “unscrupulous and irreverent critic of principles and beliefs traditionally accepted as indisputable”. With Iconoclasthis latest comic published by Star Comics with the label Astra, Paul Martinello declines both concepts: physically starts from the first and psychologically enters the second in a book … Read more

Alongside the great saints of Carmel, this couple found their way

They were raised in distinct spiritualities, Jeanne-Marie within a classical Catholic family, while that of Olivier was of Protestant origin. The spouses also have different characters, she a whimsical artist, he a more introverted entrepreneur. It was gradually during their fifty years of living together that they had the desire to root their marriage “at … Read more

Elden Ring: How Perfumers Went From Saints to Depraved | Pretty Reel

In the open world of Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s spiritual successor to the Dark Souls games, almost every enemy players can encounter has a dramatic story, and Perfumers are no exception. At the zenith of the Golden Order, the Perfumers of Leyndell, distinguished by embroidered aprons and a cloth mask, nursed the sick and impure of … Read more

Cinema: what films to see with the family during the All Saints holidays?

From 3 years ♦ Supermaggot ** Program of animated short films, 40 mins Ninth adaptation of a children’s book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, authors of the excellent Gruffalothe short film that gives its name to this program takes up the recipe: a mischievous fable in rhyme about the initiatory quest for more or … Read more

Spirituality. The faith of the saints: the accomplished humanity

Ravenna, Sant’Apollinare Nuovo: ‘Santi Martiri’ (second half of the 6th century) – WikiCommons “All those who believe in Christ, of any state or rank, are called to the fullness of Christian life and to the perfection of charity: this holiness promotes a more humane standard of life in earthly society”. The volume by Massimo Naro … Read more

Charlotte Jousseaume: “It is true that the living and the dead come together in a communion of saints”

November is the month of the year that brings me into the night. Every morning, I get up well before sunrise and every evening, I go to bed well after sunset: impossible to escape the darkness outside! Disoriented by these days which are getting shorter and shorter, I patiently await the arrival of Advent which … Read more

After years as a Protestant and an atheist, the great saints (in whom he did not believe) brought him to the Church

For more than three decades, the life of adam seiler he oscillated between Protestantism, atheism and the “unrestricted” enjoyment of the dissipations that the world offered him. Educated at the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Wisconsin – a conservative Christian denomination – from the age of 12, he trained with Luther’s Smaller Catechism and studied at … Read more