Charlotte Jousseaume: “It is true that the living and the dead come together in a communion of saints”

November is the month of the year that brings me into the night. Every morning, I get up well before sunrise and every evening, I go to bed well after sunset: impossible to escape the darkness outside! Disoriented by these days which are getting shorter and shorter, I patiently await the arrival of Advent which … Read more

Don Fernando Manna: 42 years of Mass, of brotherhood and communion of life. He is now at Guardialfiera

Don Fernando Manna arrives at Guardialfiera on the Solemnity of Christ the King, on November 21, 2021, with the only commitment to celebrate Mass at 10.30, to replace Don Antonio Antenucci, who was attacked that morning by incipient exhaustion. But the fleeting indisposition, in the exile parish priest, is transformed impetuously into a degenerative pluri-pathology, … Read more

Art, spirituality and communion: this is the Observatory of the Invisible


Dawn in the Monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres). From the first hour there is a mixture between contemplative silence, almost reverential, and an ecstasy impatient to see and live everything that is going to take place inside a sanctuary that has almost ten centuries of history. A young woman runs through the cloister, cello on her … Read more

Tassis Christoyannis, a voice for communion

We expected to discuss music, opera and, very quickly, the exchanges take another direction. With the Greek baritone Tassis Christoyannis, philosophical and theological considerations invite themselves to nourish the evocation of his career as a singer and his experience as an artist. And we see the man who, until recently at the Opéra Comique, slipped … Read more