The Bretón Theater presents this Saturday the show ‘Paradise Lost’

LOGROÑO, Jan. 18 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Bretón Theater presents this Saturday, January 21, at 8:00 p.m., within the cycle ‘Great Works, Great Authors’, the show ‘Paradise Lost’ directed by Andrés Lima, which pays tribute to the beauty of John’s epic poem Milton from a contemporary perspective and pays tribute to the trade of comedian, … Read more

Discovering the Breton Saints. January 12th is Saint Aofred’s Day

In this section, we invite you to discover the history of the Saints Bretons. The Breton saints designate Breton personalities venerated for the exemplary character of their life from a Christian point of view. Few of them were recognized as saints by the canonization procedure of the Catholic Church (implemented several centuries after their death), … Read more

Brest. Albert Mérour, an unknown Breton surrealist

Who was the Breton Albert Merour ? A major painter of the Brest surrealist scene, he was one of those artists outside the art market who created out of pure passion. His worlds, both fascinating and singular, spread out on the canvases with nervousness, but attention. Unidivers spoke with Ronan Goulardthe son of his second … Read more

Kroaz ar Vretoned/La Croix des Bretons. Meeting with the director of a Catholic and Breton gazette

If the media Ar Gedour is well known to readers of Breizh-info, there is another gazette, Catholic and Breton, entitled Kroaz ar Vretoned/The Cross of the Bretons, which you can discover online (here) and which gives pride of place to spirituality in Brittany. We spoke with its director and founder, Augustin Debacker. “The Catholic Faith … Read more