La guida. Le Messe in diretta tv e social di sabato 2 e domenica 3 luglio 2022

È un pensiero di speciale affetto per il Papa quello che ci può accompagnare in questa XIV Domenica del tempo ordinario (IV dopo la Pentecoste per la Chiesa ambrosiana). Francesco infatti aveva in programma proprio nei prossimi giorni l’atteso viaggio in Africa, nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo, ma la ridotta mobilità delle ultime settimane ha … Read more

Maliba Foundation: Fully committed to social and humanitarian issues

“My love for Mali and Malians, I don’t just express it in words. At my level, my solidarity is constant for the improvement of the living conditions of my compatriots through my actions, my charities and the Maliba Foundation which I chair.», recalled the honorary president of the ADP-Maliba, Mr. Aliou Boubacar Diallo, in his … Read more

Retro 2022: Moroccan culture or the reflection of its social structures

Cinema, popular arts, literature, music, painting, … festivals and other cultural activities lacked neither platforms nor stages in this year 2022. The cultural scene in the various cities of the Kingdom has lit up in the year 2022 after an eclipse of two years of stagnation due to Dame Covid. Suddenly the cultural projects, programs … Read more

Digital mourning: with social networks, “the dead are part of our lives” | RCF

A study by the Oxford Internet Institute estimates that by 2050 there may be more Facebook accounts belonging to deceased people than to living people. An edifying digital cemetery which translates – in addition to the fact that young people shun Facebook – that digital technology can be a solution to better accept the departure … Read more

Monasteries, actors of social life in the world

It’s a fairly obvious observation: the presence of a monastery, despite the high walls of the enclosure, has a certain influence on the neighborhood. Just as much as prayer, it is the very life of the religious community that arouses surrounding activities, and inaugurates human but also practical, concrete exchanges. “It is these social works … Read more

The comedian Bergonzoni at the Bobbio in Trieste: “We depend on what social networks impose. We have to change direction”

TRIESTE It is entitled “Transcend and go up” and it is the monologue that will bring back to Trieste, for a single repetition, Alessandro Bergonzoni Saturday evening, at 8.30 pm at the Orazio Bobbio Theater. Comedian, cabaret artist, playwright, writer, humorist, actor and lyricist, Bergonzoni does not conceal a certain joy at the idea of … Read more

Totò Poetry Culture opens the Social Xmas review in Poggioreale

The music will open Social Xmas in Poggiorealethe kermesse of events to be held from 9 to 30 December 2022 in Poggioreale at the Il Poggio restaurant (via Poggioreale 160/c, Naples), organized by the group of social enterprises Gesco with the social cooperative NClick within the billboard “Other Natali 2022” of the Municipality of Naples. … Read more

Barcelona hosts the KAICIID conference on social inclusion and the role of the media in the fight against hate speech in European cities

Castelldefels / Barcelona, ​​SPAIN. Under the theme “Social inclusion in cities: strengthening multi-stakeholder partnerships to bring communities to dialogue“, The Center for International Dialogue (KAICIID), the Blanquerna Observatory for Media, Culture and Religion, the European Council for Religious Leaders (ECRL / RfP Europe), the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona ( ISCREB) and the … Read more

Social and solidarity economy: the Center de Valpré wants to live “ecolonomy”

Located at the exit of the famous Fourvière tunnel, in the town of Écully (Rhône), Valpré is a unique composite place. “We want to be at the rendezvous of man in three of his dimensions: work, spirituality and relationship”, ventures Véronique Bouscayrol, president of the Valpré association, which has become a social and solidarity economy … Read more