“Le Lycéen” by Christophe Honoré: a film about mourning and chaos

The High School Student ** by Christophe Honoré French film, 2 h 02 You’re not serious when you’re 17, said Arthur Rimbaud. But how to be so when, at this tormented age, you suddenly lose your father? Lucas confesses it in front of the camera: he feels bad about himself. His life is “a wild … Read more

He went, with Pirandello I tell the chaos between reality and fiction

“I had the desire to make a film with Ficarra and Picone and above all to tell the chaos, the relationship between reality and fiction. It’s nice to see Pirandello at his best as he confronts two actors and focuses on what he wants to tell”. This is how Roberto Andò tells LA STRANEZZA today … Read more

The Kremlin, the atomic threat and the chaos of the Italian election campaign

(photo from Pixabay) In light of what has been happening for over a year now and always growing beyond the curtain, it is not a sterile exercise to see what is left of Karl Marx’s doctrine over there. One of the reasons that lead to make this type of approach to that reality is the … Read more

Bishop Zenti retires tomorrow. In recent times he has created chaos in the diocese (V. Mancuso and A. Sillioni)

I learn from Adista, and then directly from the interested party to whom I asked for confirmation, that the bishop of Verona dismissed Marco Campedelli from the post of professor of religion at the Liceo Maffei in Verona, held by Campedelli for 22 years.A few simple questions and some observations. 1) Who are the two … Read more

“The spiritual dimension of man resurfaces in phases of chaos”

FIGAROVOX/INTERVIEW. – In his work Commit to the common goodPhilippe Royer reaffirms the need for a “duty of hope” in order to face up to our disenchanted world and succeed in transforming it positively. Philippe Royer is a business leader and has chaired the movement of Christian Entrepreneurs and Leaders (EDC) since 2018. FIGAROVOX. – … Read more