Victoria Puebla, the art of embroidery is ageless

«You have to see it, it cannot be explained with words. If you don’t see it, it’s impossible to get used to the idea,” insists Victoria Puebla. Her pedal machine embroideries are leaving everyone speechless who enters the San Marcos Cultural Center, located in one of the most touristy streets in the old town of … Read more

Demolish stereotypes and see the other as equal, great challenges in the issue of migration | Puebla Municipalities | News from the state of Puebla

“There is a great deal of misinformation, erroneous ideas and stereotypes about migration and the figure of the migrant”, hence the importance of informing the university population more and, above all, raising their awareness; he commented Juan Carlos Gazca Munozstudent of International Relations of the Upaep and president of Wings Without Borderswhen participating in the … Read more

Suggestions to close the mourning for the death of a loved one | Puebla Municipalities | News from the interior of Puebla

With regard to the popular celebrations of All Saints and the Day of the Dead, and even more so with so many people deceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is worth reading some reflections based on Thanatology. As is known, Thanatology is a scientific discipline that is responsible for finding meaning in the process … Read more

Jesuit universities call to confront violent contexts | Puebla Municipalities | News from the state of Puebla

The institutions entrusted to the Jesus company endorse the task of becoming forums for proposals and action platforms with a view to building safer and fairer environments. Hugs are no longer enough to cover the bullets, says Jesuit priestHe fled violence in Mexico and ended up committing suicide in Canadafinished the marathon college think tank … Read more