Bruce Conner and symbolic light, at the Fundació Tàpies

Barcelona, 01/09/2023 Bruce Conner is not an easy artist to exhibit, due to the fragile and short-lived nature of a good part of his works, frequently made with waste and leftover elements, and because he is difficult to classify: he does not respond to the stereotypes with which we contemplate from here American art does … Read more

Poetry and satire with “Dekru”, the quartet of Ukrainian mimes protagonist in Petritoli with the show “Light souls”

End of the year and end of the theater season for the “Borghi Maestri” project involving the municipalities of Monte Vidon Combatte and Petritoli, in the Fermo area. The last three evenings are scheduled for Friday 30 and Saturday 31 December, Sunday 1 January, at the Teatro dell’Iride in Petritoli (info at 3476022024). “Borghi Maestri … Read more

San Severino, on January 8th the Dekru Company in “Light souls”

The new cycle of appointments of the SIC / Stabile di Innovazione Cirense opens at the Teatro Feronia ‍ SAN SEVERINO MARCHE – After the sold outs recorded in the three dates scheduled between the end of October and December, theJanuary 8 at 18 opens the new cycle of appointments of the SIC / Stable … Read more

“A Catholicism under pressure”: rereading the Council in the light of today’s questions

A Catholicism under pressure by Brigitte Cholvy and Luc Forestier Salvator, 192 pages, €18 What is the common point between gender issues, violence of religious origin, the return of certain imperialisms, the impact of digital technology in our lives, the Synod on the future of the Church or even the urgency of ecological issue? For … Read more

Pure hype! Critics put Avatar: The Sense of Water through the clouds: “It’s light years better than the first one”

In just over a week we will clear up any doubts and we will know if the long wait for Avatar: The Sense of Water it has lowered the hype of the public or, on the contrary, it has maintained it and even increased it. But for now we have the impressions of the first … Read more

Christmas in Bethlehem: in the night… the Light | AgentSIR

From Bethlehem, the reflection of Msgr. Vincenzo Peroni, a priest from Brescia, for 10 years pontifical master of ceremonies, and since 2020 in the Holy Land at the service of the Franciscan Custody. Mons. Peroni, among other things, is the author of the book “Touched by Jesus”, published by the St. Francis de Sales Foundation, … Read more

Seen from Varese: After the dark, the expectation of a new light grows

by EZIO MOTTERLE Never like this year was the astronomical certainty awaited for granted that before Christmas the big dark was finally behind us. Punctual, the winter solstice reversed the trend of ever shorter days alongside ever longer nights: and now the luminosity begins to grow again as always. The great desire for light, also … Read more

Ancona, at the Panettone Theater Light Anime is staged with the Dekrù ⋆ Latest news from Marche and Piceno: Chronicle, Sport, Events

Readings: 44 ANCONA – Appointment on December 29 at the Panettone Theater with an extraordinary event outside the billboard, this is the 25th show of the season, and the only representation for the province of Ancona. LIGHT SOULS performed by the quartet Dekru’ with the production of Mosaico Errante. Written and directed by Liubov … Read more

Documentary ‘In full light’: a cry for #Ju5ticiaNarvarte

On Friday, July 31, 2015, in broad daylight, Alejandra Negrete, Nadia Vera, Yesenia Quiroz, Mile Martín and Rubén Espinosa were murdered in an apartment on Luz Saviñón street, in the Narvarte neighborhood of Mexico City; multiple feminicide and murder that was known in public opinion as the “Narvarte Case”, and led to the indictment of … Read more