Poetry and satire with “Dekru”, the quartet of Ukrainian mimes protagonist in Petritoli with the show “Light souls”

End of the year and end of the theater season for the “Borghi Maestri” project involving the municipalities of Monte Vidon Combatte and Petritoli, in the Fermo area. The last three evenings are scheduled for Friday 30 and Saturday 31 December, Sunday 1 January, at the Teatro dell’Iride in Petritoli (info at 3476022024). “Borghi Maestri della scena”, this is the title of the series, will take to the stage on Friday 30 , at 21, the quartet of Ukrainian mimes “Dekru”, protagonists of the show “Light souls”, which expresses the archetype of the theater. With their body language and all the physical virtuosity capable of conquering audiences around the world, the quartet will take the audience on a journey full of laughter, between poetry and social satire, with a pinch of delicate irony.

In the director’s notes to the show, the four mimes are defined as «spiritual heirs of Marcel Marceau», and in Petritoli they will present themselves as four figures dressed in black and made up in white, ready to evoke the most disparate situations on stage: from a circus to a competition Olympic, to so much more, even an imaginative underwater world. Music and bel canto for New Year’s greetings: the longest night of the year at the Teatro dell’Iride will feature performers of lyrical and pop music of all time. Starting at 10 pm, the baritone Alessandro Calamai, who in his career has been directed by various maestros, including Zubin Mehta, and by directors, including Luca Ronconi, and the soprano Selene Fiaschi, will take turns on stage active has participations in various shows of the national and international opera scene.


A musical journey to greet the year that will begin with Calamai and Fiaschi who will perform arias and duets among the best-known melodramatic opera composers: they will sing Rossini, Puccini, Donizetti, making a virtual leap to Austria with Mozart. After them, a duo formed by Daniele Biagini on the piano and Antonella Grumelli who will sing will be the protagonist. Among the most important pianists of Tuscan jazz, the first, a Neapolitan singer able to range between gospel, blues and world music, the second, the two will start from bel canto, immerse themselves in Afro-American music, pass through Portuguese and South American ones, performing also pieces of songwriting re-interpreted by the harmonies of Italian jazz. And it wouldn’t be the last of the year if there weren’t a toast at the stroke of midnight: here the musical journey will become food and wine, in the rooms adjacent to the theatre.

And after the toast, a welcome to 2023 with a grand finale made of blues and jam sessions. The new year will begin where the old one left off: with another musical event, Sunday 1 January at 21, the last of the weekend and of the festival, with the debut of a new staging of edited by the company The theater that walks. The opera will be presented in a light and amusing setting, suitable for any type of audience. Protagonists, among others, still Calamai, and the young operatic promise of Chinese origins, the soprano Yao Sun.

Poetry and satire with “Dekru”, the quartet of Ukrainian mimes protagonist in Petritoli with the show “Light souls”