Patricia Silva, from ‘Sábados feliz’, won a lawsuit against Caracol Televisión: “There must be dark hands”

On social networks and on television, the woman decided to make her situation with the company clear | Facebook screenshot Quite a few rumors arose after it became known that Patricia SilvaMember of ‘Happy Saturdays‘, he beat Snail Television a lawsuit through which she claimed to be a pensioner. However, she herself came out to … Read more

Christmas, what is the dark face that overshadows it?, according to a bishop

Christmas, beyond being a Christian holiday that celebrates the event of the arrival of the Child Jesus, can be the opportunity to reflect and discover what is behind the true meaning of this global celebration that is not alien to Mexico. In the Mexican geography in this 2022, convulsed by the social, economic and political … Read more

Seen from Varese: After the dark, the expectation of a new light grows

by EZIO MOTTERLE Never like this year was the astronomical certainty awaited for granted that before Christmas the big dark was finally behind us. Punctual, the winter solstice reversed the trend of ever shorter days alongside ever longer nights: and now the luminosity begins to grow again as always. The great desire for light, also … Read more

“Indian homes”, the dark history of Catholic boarding schools in Guyana

On French territory, in Guyana to be precise, in the first half of the 20th century, indigenous children were taken from their families and brought up by missionaries in Catholic boarding schools, the “homes”. “The specificity of Guyanese homes is that they were intended for well-identified populations: the Amerindians. The maroon populations were also targeted … Read more

Lou: A kidnapping, a storm and two women with a dark past in the Netflix movie

TOllison Janney And Jurnee Smollett are and protagonists of the Netflix movie Louan intense all-female thriller, with the two actresses engaged in roles that are new to them. Comes on September 23 on Netflix the film Lou, a mix of thriller, action and drama. Directed by Anna Foerster, Lou it has a rather “simple” plot. … Read more

Five films and series about the dark side of religion and spirituality | Radionics

They say that all religions lead to the same: the connection with the divine, with god, with the one or with the whole. They also say thate messages of love, union and fraternity have been distorted and that we human beings, in our imperfection and fallibility, are responsible for it. And so it makes sense: … Read more

6 Classic Dark Witchcraft Movies To Watch On Halloween | Pretty Reel

Every Halloween, many “best witchcraft movies” lists circulate. And every Halloween, you can guarantee those lists are likely to include well-worn favorites like The Craft, The Witch, or Practical Magic. While these films are great on their own, I’m doing something a little different for this article. Full disclosure: I’m a practicing pagan, and witchcraft … Read more

The unknown, the dark, the truth: the soundtracks of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis find the synthesis in ‘Blonde’ | Rolling Stone Italy

“Nick and Warren are both alike and completely different at the same time. There is a courage in facing the unknown, both in life and in a creative way, the will to put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable and the conviction in the strength of all this ». Words by Andrew Dominik, director … Read more

My sound is dark, with more feeling, saxophonist Pharoah Sanders affirmed

New York and Los Angeles., Pharoah Sanders, an influential tenor saxophonist revered in the jazz world for the spirituality of his work, has died, his record label reported. He was 81 years old. He was one of the most creative figures who made both Indian and African music his own, taking the sound of his … Read more