The strong pressure of Freemasonry in favor of euthanasia, “a fraternal act at the highest level”

The masonry works diligently to achieve a primary objective for this group: lmake euthanasia legal and transform what is murder into a supposed act of kindness. And the great power and influence that it enjoys in France has been once again revealed in the meeting organized by the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council, an … Read more

Convention on the end of life: pressure from Freemasons to legalize euthanasia

Four dignitaries of Freemasonry: this is the “meeting” which was organized on January 8, for the 185 citizens participating until the end of March in the Convention on the end of life. During their interventions, followed by those of two philosophers defending very similar positions, they each called in turn to legalize euthanasia and assisted … Read more

“A Catholicism under pressure”: rereading the Council in the light of today’s questions

A Catholicism under pressure by Brigitte Cholvy and Luc Forestier Salvator, 192 pages, €18 What is the common point between gender issues, violence of religious origin, the return of certain imperialisms, the impact of digital technology in our lives, the Synod on the future of the Church or even the urgency of ecological issue? For … Read more

Guardiola: “I don’t know if there is more pressure at Manchester City than in Argentina”

EFE Latam Videos Indigenous people in Brazil demand an end to impunity on the eve of the elections Manaus (Brazil), Sep 5 (EFE).- Indigenous leaders and representatives of other social minorities marched this Monday, Amazon Day, in the Brazilian city of Manaus to demand an end to impunity against the attacks they attribute to “threats … Read more

Blog | Ukraine, pressure on the Vatican continues but the Pope remains out of the chorus

The pressure of the Ukrainian government against the Vatican. The Ukrainian president Zelensky the Pope would like to go to Kyiv, possibly before the pontiff’s trip to Kazakhstan (which will take place on 13 September). Francesco has not decided. He would prefer a mission to both Kyiv and Moscow to encourage one peace negotiation. It’s … Read more