“The Medici legacy” by Patrizia Debicke: a historical novel set in early sixteenth

An unwitting victim which perishes under the slashing blows inflicted by the guilty hands of the assassins, convinced that they are the rulers of the game and unaware that they too are pawns in a much bigger and crueler game. The Medici legacy of Patrizia Debicke It is with this scene that the book of … Read more

Three blessings for the new year. The revolution is a legacy

«Janus two-faced, silent origin of the passing year… Today avoid words and thoughts of ill omen! At this moment we must pronounce positive words on a good day” (Ovid, Fasti, 65-75). In Latin culture, the beginning of the new year was entrusted to Janus, the Italian god of beginnings and transitions (iauna: door), the father … Read more

Indigenous leader leaves an indelible legacy of defense of territory and women’s rights • Semanario Universidad

“She was a woman who never gave up, a person who fought until her last days, leaving that legacy for her family, for the territory,” said her sister Luzmilda Delgado. The Bribri indigenous leader Mariana Delgado Morales leaves her mark as a defender of the territory, of women’s rights and a recuperator of Bribri spirituality. … Read more

Mandy Reinvigorates 1970s Legacy In Psychedelic Horror Movie

mandy (2018) is a difficult film to pin down: part revenge flick and part visual art, it’s a film that has continued to defy attempts at categorization. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, it has built a cult following since its release, and started what this author has affectionately called the Cageissance, for the … Read more

The legacy left by businesswoman Hilda Strauss

For Irene Robledo Strauss, daughter of Hilda Strauss, announcer, presenter and businesswoman, her mother “was an example in every way: in generosity, respect, elegance. She left me strength as a legacy, the constancy of carrying out works, of doing work and of humanity, especially the latter, because she was a woman who always took others … Read more

100 years after Desolation: What is the legacy that Gabriela Mistral left to women?

In 1922, at the age of 33, Gabriela Mistral published her first collection of poems in New York desolation. It is one of his most recognized texts, the one that would boost his career, and in which he would also leave the main themes of his work planted; nature, childhood, spirituality, life and death, pain. … Read more

Ligeti’s Requiem and the legacy of José María García de Paredes

Requiem of Ligeti. OCNE and David Afkham. © 2022 by Rafa Martin Madrid, Friday, September 23, 2022. Symphony Hall of the National Auditorium. György Ligeti, Requiem. Richard Strauss, Eine Alpensinfonie op 64. Jenny Daviet, soprano. Barbara Kozelij, mezzo-soprano. Antonio González Alonso and Alfonso Martín González, basses. Choir of the Community of Madrid (Josep … Read more

“The legacy”, documentary about Manolo Sanlúcar in the top ten of Netflix

Advertising The documentary feature film “El Legacy”, which reviews the life and work of master Manolo Sanlúcar and is directed by Juanma Suárez and produced by Enrique Guzmán, both at the head of the Andalusian production company Cinnamon Factory, has been ranked among the 10 most viewed films of the Netflix streaming platform. The film, … Read more