Three historical routes to discover the deep American footprints of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has a long and enriching history shared with the American continent, forged over centuries of movement of people, knowledge and goods from the other side of the Atlantic. This constant back and forth flow is essential to achieve a rich and complex understanding of the current configuration of the region. But … Read more

Monte San Giovanni Campano, tomorrow first appointment between historical beauties and oil |

– Saturday 22 October 2022 – 09:35 Culture, spirituality, land and beauty. The #ViviMonte project starts from here, with the first appointment, dedicated to Ciociaria gold, the olive tree, expected for Sunday 23 October. The project promoted by the Municipality of Monte San Giovanni Campano, made possible thanks to the contribution of the Lazio Region, … Read more

The rebellion of the flowers, the documentary about the historical claim of indigenous women in the Ministry of the Interior | CINEMA


“I’m going to spend another year without my son. And if my son wasn’t Indian, weren’t they going to kill him? Asks one of the women who participated in The rebellion of the flowers, the documentary about the historic occupation of the Ministry of the Interior made by 23 members of indigenous peoples in search … Read more

The Bible and its religious, historical and cultural implications

yesSeptember for Chile, brings together several anniversaries and commemorations. The most recent and transcendental has to do with our national independence and by the way, the Glories of the Army. On this occasion and given that the country is given the task of elucidating what should be the form and manner of directing the new … Read more

Perdonanza 2022 and Pope Francis, the historical edition through the eyes of those who told it


Perdonanza 2022, the Pope, Claudio Baglioni, the parade, postcards from Piazza Duomo and Collemaggio. A memorable edition also thanks to those who told it. In the great organizational machine the work, behind the scenes, of the communication staff. When the Holy Door closes, the bubble returns to ‘home’, the extras undress and the boxes are … Read more

King Charles III: Friend of the Jews of the United Kingdom, with historical ties to Israel

Charles III, the 73-year-old monarch who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II after her death, is the oldest person to hold the British throne. As well as bolstering his reputation with Israel in recent years, Carlos has long enjoyed a positive connection with British Jewry. After all, the UK ruled the Jewish state from 1920 to 1948, … Read more

It is urgent to make visible the historical contributions of black and mestizo women


Participants in the virtual session proposed interweaving life stories as a common thread to reflect on Afro-Caribbean maroon aesthetics. Dixie Edit – Red Semlac.- The contribution of black and mestizo women to history, culture and the production of scientific and intellectual knowledge in Cuba has yet to be studied and made visible, speakers agreed at … Read more

An acknowledgment of historical memory | The Advance of Segovia


Under the summer sun, several neighbors, representatives of the government of the board, mayors and a chronicler have gathered at the Monument of Fray Antonio in Villacastín on Saturday, July 2, for the presentation of the Fray Antonio de Villacastín award for attention, care and restoration of heritage. This year the award has gone to … Read more