In Rome, the institutional power pays homage to the blessed judge Livatino

In Rome, the institutional power pays homage to the blessed judge Livatino. That’s right. This was announced today on the front page of “L’Osservatore Romano” which talks about the white shirt worn by the Canicattinese judge Rosario Livatino when on 21 September 1990 he was killed by the mafia along the road between Canicattì and … Read more

Logbook. Goodbye to Ratzinger, when soft power also shoots the Holy Spirit

Benedict XVI, Pope Ratzinger Pope Ratzinger’s resignation is linked to a singular coincidence for me: for a strange coincidence on the morning of 11 January 2013 in which he resigned I was called to commemorate the day of remembrance in the Tuscan regional council, an honorable task but a somewhat ritualistic (and I don’t like … Read more

Cardinal Müller: “Ratzinger was never a man of power, but a humble servant of Christ”

by redaccioninfovaticana | 01 January, 2023 Joseph Ratzinger was a great scholar of the classical German university tradition. But that shouldn’t invoke the stereotype of the unworldly professor. As a leading expert on Augustine, he knew his theology of history in “De Civitate DEI,” where all the cruelties and inhumanities of ancient Roman imperialism were … Read more

Power Rangers: from suicides to murders, the curse of the actors of the children’s series

The power Rangers It was a children’s television series that had several seasons and was followed by millions of children around the world. However, the actors who participated in the production have been involved in several controversies, which have had tragic endings. The suicide of Jason David Frank, better known as the Green Power Ranger … Read more

The debate of Missélé eba’a: After the power of men, spiritual justice. |

The late Omar Bongo Ondimba Let’s call these words as we want “testament”, “last wishes”, “oration”, etc., no individual would wish that after his passage on the land of the living, his name would be a source of conflict, hatred and heartbreak. The politician or public man who intends to be recognized as such, who … Read more

La spiritualité et le yoga comme outils du soft power indien : ambitions et contradictions

Depuis son arrivée au pouvoir en 2014, le nationaliste hindou Narendra Modi a fait de la promotion du yoga un axe majeur de sa politique culturelle et diplomatique, un outil du soft power à l’indienne. L’une de ses premières mesures après sa nomination en 2014 aura ainsi été de créer un ministère du Yoga et … Read more

The film Chiara: when the power of the Feminine unleashes the strength of “miracles”

by Ivana Risitano – I have, hanging next to the bed, a postcard with a painting of Simone Martini: a Clare with tilted head, holding a flower, veil and halo on her head. The Chiara that I carry in her eyes tonight is different: her hair is scattered and free, the rough tunic, the bloody … Read more