“My fragile” by Jérôme Garcin: the scout of darkness

my fragile by Jérôme Garcin Gallimard, 112 pages, €14 “I had a fragile brother. Now that he’s dead, he seems stronger to me, and I feel weaker. Thus begins the overwhelming introspection of Jérôme Garcin, provoked by a double mourning. The death of Françoise, her mother, then, six months later, that of Laurent, her disabled … Read more

Test The Chant: a spiritual survival horror in the heart of Darkness

The test of The Chant game, published by Prime Matter and developed by Brass Token, was carried out on Xbox Series X. By Benjamin Levy – Blogger Published on November 28, 2022 at 11:18 PM. Last modification on December 5, 2022 at 07:26 The estimated time for reading this test is 8 min. 0 comment … Read more

The new season of OGR Torino Into the darkness, into the groove. The program

Turin – OGR Turin presents the new season Into the darkness, into the groove. In addition to the meetings of OGR Talks and the return of Art, the new format OGR Club – music in the Duomo with Galea, Lepre, Niccolò Bosio, Edda with Gianni Maroccolo. Turin – To the fifth year from the reopening, … Read more

Simone Cristicchi: my Paradise, from darkness to light

from Paola Medori The actor and songwriter brings to the Umberto Room with the new show inspired by Dante. Between songs, monologues and moments of reflection Starting from the last Dante canticle, I began an inner journey: from darkness to light. Between songs, monologues and moments of reflection I speak of spirituality, of the great … Read more

James Joyce and the fascination of darkness in the poem “Nocturne”

June 16, 1904 is the day in which the events of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” take place, the 24 hours in which the events of Leopold Bloom, protagonist of “Ulysses”, are condensed. Every year in Ireland, June 16 is the day dedicated to celebrations in honor of James Joyce and his modernist masterpiece. It is Bloomsday, … Read more