She experienced burnout: her advice to avoid it

THE ESSENTIAL Burnout corresponds to physical, emotional and mental exhaustion often linked to overly intense work situations. Dr. Amelia Nagoski has been a victim of this and gives her advice on how to avoid it. According to her, you have to listen to yourself, not minimize the signs, take stress factors into account, … Read more

Psychedelic therapy: a trip that requires an experienced guide

Trainees also learn to facilitate the process of integration in which patients incorporate into their daily lives what they thought and felt during their psychedelic journey. Again, conventional therapists may find themselves in uncharted territory. “In psilocybin trials, people are reported to have had mystical experiences. Usually, talking about it doesn’t necessarily fit into psychotherapy,” … Read more

Chronicles of plagiarism: La Piedad Ahuehuetlán and a brief recount of the spoils she has experienced

Two days ago I received an invitation from Christian Gallegos Vega, president of the Autonomous Government Council of La Piedad Ahuehuetlán, to attend an event. It was the exhibition “Fray Pedro de Gante”, presented by the Minister Representative of Mexico to the Council of Europe, Dr. José Alfonso Suárez de Real y Aguilera. It is … Read more

“It made me very angry”: Benjamín Vicuña comments on how he experienced Blanca’s duel and his first reaction | TV and show

The actor spent a large part of the episode remembering his daughter who ended up dying of a complex illness. Likewise, he highlighted the role of his mother in order to move forward. The actor Benjamin Vicuna referred to the death of his daughter Blanca 10 years after his departure, also explaining how he managed … Read more

Between woods and paths, it is an Ecoweekend to be experienced also on horseback and by bike

The weather remains mild and the weekend tastes like summer. Therefore, going outside the city, excursions and guided tours continue to animate Puglia. Here is the traditional appointment with a reminder on a series of initiatives and events to spend a real Ecoweekend. A journey on foot told along the streets of the sky of … Read more

“Children were forced to have sex with their parents”: sect victim recounts the horror he experienced

This weekend was dismantled a international sect in the neighborhood Villa Crespo in Buenos Aires, Argentinawhich was dedicated to the human trafficking already perform adult movie videos with their victims. One of those affected identified as Paul Salum recounted how the organization operated. Salum was the first child to be hooked by the sect which … Read more

The “woke” hell experienced by a teacher and the lesson learned: “Islamo

klaus kinzler is one of the growing number of victims of the woke culture. This German professor who has been teaching for more than two decades at the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Grenoble (France) has suffered during the last year and a half a tremendous persecution with insults and threats, even being suspended … Read more