Psychedelic therapy: a trip that requires an experienced guide

Trainees also learn to facilitate the process of integration in which patients incorporate into their daily lives what they thought and felt during their psychedelic journey. Again, conventional therapists may find themselves in uncharted territory. “In psilocybin trials, people are reported to have had mystical experiences. Usually, talking about it doesn’t necessarily fit into psychotherapy,” … Read more

Music and colour: art design therapy

What do music and color really have in common and how can they influence each other? From art to visual design passing from the relationship between painters and musicians in history. The connection between image and sound is tight to evoke limitless space and emotion The relationship between music and color in art, evocative of … Read more

Spirituality as therapy

There are multiple definitions of spirituality and they will normally be related to the religion or culture of whoever expresses it. Even defining the spirit is very complex. Spirituality focuses our immaterial and transcendent essence, the reality beyond the immanence of what we call existing. It includes our state of mind, the conceptual associations we … Read more

Will Smith: after his slap to Chris Rock, the actor is undergoing therapy

Author of a slap on Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, whose images have gone around the world, Will Smith is in turmoil. So much so that the American actor is currently undergoing therapy to try to restore his image. Will Smith continues to spill ink. More than a month after … Read more

Art as integrative therapy for the elderly in El Carpio

Lola Rodríguez and Miguel Romerosan began collaborating with Scarpia about five years ago. Back then, they already did it by getting involved with the local elders, for whom, like the little ones, this art festival always has a place in their programming. Today, the bet of this couple remains the same: art as integrative therapy … Read more

Tell me how you are and I will tell you what therapy you need

Fact checked Article has been checked for accuracy as possible (content includes links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions, and occasionally medical studies). All content on our website has been reviewed, however, if you believe our content is inaccurate, out-of-date, or questionable, you may contact us to make the necessary corrections. The characteristics, preferences … Read more

Antonio Molero teaches ‘A comprehensive therapy’

With the approach of Christmas, comes the paradox that December is the august of the theaters, which are filled with proposals and novelties for what many consider the most endearing days of the year. One of them takes place in a bakery workshopbut you can enjoy it in the Teatro Fígaro (Calle del Dr. Cortezo, … Read more

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo: “The presence of the other is therapy”

In your new book, you write that Intouchables subjected you to an “unbearable”, “very tiring” exposure. Why receive us? For the good cause. I can thus speak of the great adventure that is the association Simon of Cyrene, of which I am the honorary president. It receives 5% of the revenue fromUntouchables and makes the … Read more

What is Ayurveda? This Indian therapy offered by this resident of Pont

By Writing Pont-d’Audemer Published on 31 Oct 22 at 13:08 The Awakening of Pont-Audemer See my news Follow this media Caroline Boulan-Riboulet has opened an Ayurveda practice in Pont-Audemer, in rue Sadi-Carnot. ©MC.D Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medicine originating from India where there are Ayurvedic clinics. It is adaptable to the whole world … Read more