She experienced burnout: her advice to avoid it

THE ESSENTIAL Burnout corresponds to physical, emotional and mental exhaustion often linked to overly intense work situations. Dr. Amelia Nagoski has been a victim of this and gives her advice on how to avoid it. According to her, you have to listen to yourself, not minimize the signs, take stress factors into account, … Read more

Passwords: new recommendations from the CNIL to avoid being hacked

The National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) unveiled its recommendations on computer security on Monday, October 17. More specifically, the CNIL is looking into good practices to adopt in terms of passwords to avoid hacking. A particularly useful development when we know that 81% of breaches of data worldwide are linked to a password … Read more

Why it is better to avoid “Shantaram”, the new series of Charlie Hunnam, the actor of “Sons of Anarchy”

An Australian escapes from prison and takes refuge in India, where he continues his run. A strange odyssey that does not go to the end of its ideas. Compared to any other period in contemporary history, the position of spectator is at the center of all cultural experience. Almost by force, they must constantly choose, … Read more

House of the Dragon: how will the writers show sexual violence (and avoid GOT mistakes)?

The House of the Dragon screenwriter revealed that the series will deal with rapes, but that these will not be shown on screen. Instead, the focus will be on the victims. Whereas House of the Dragon is about to land on our screens, the series is already crystallizing many questions on the representation of sexist … Read more