“It made me very angry”: Benjamín Vicuña comments on how he experienced Blanca’s duel and his first reaction | TV and show

The actor spent a large part of the episode remembering his daughter who ended up dying of a complex illness. Likewise, he highlighted the role of his mother in order to move forward.

The actor Benjamin Vicuna referred to the death of his daughter Blanca 10 years after his departure, also explaining how he managed to learn to live with pain by clinging to life.

The interpreter spoke with Cecilia Bolocco in the program All for youwhere he was consulted by the former Miss Universe regarding how he experienced his daughter’s duel.

It was in this that Vicuña recognized that “I cannot ignore that our history and our Blanca meant many things to many people”, assuring that even “it is inevitable that you become the ambassador of a pain”.

Likewise, he revealed that when he suffered the death of his first daughter, among the shock of the moment, wanted to contact Cristián Warnkenwriter who in 2007 lost his three-year-old son to suffocation in a swimming pool.

Warnken came to meet him, to which Vicuña stated that “I hugged him and told him ‘Tell me that this can be done, that this pain is going to let me breathe at some point’. And Cristián looked at me and said ‘It transforms. But it can'”.

“It cost him. He didn’t sell it to me as a bargain or as a thing. She told me in a super responsible way and It was a thread of hope that deep down life accommodates”said.

“Talking about this after 10 years means that indeed in my case, pushed by my other children and the need, I was able to get ahead. I don’t judge people who directly can’t do itor that they can directly get sick because it is a very great pain, ”he commented.

Likewise, he pointed out that “in these 10 years it has been a journey, as a family, of love, where absence becomes presence. If you learn to become attached to that figure that always accompanies you, like an angel, a shadow or an abstract figure”.

Today definitely (Blanca) is one of the reasons why I am not afraid of death, for which I work and get up in the morning, and I believe that there is not a thing that I do not do, or when I feel a deep emotion, that I do not dedicate it to her, “he added.

The pain of Benjamin Vicuña

Similarly, the actor admitted that after Blanca’s sudden death, anger was his first feeling. “In the first stage I was very angry, also with religion”he acknowledged.

This, he explained, was because “if you go through a tragedy and you had the misfortune of having an accident and a drunk guy takes the life of your child, the rest of your life you transform into some kind of avenger“.

“Even though you have a very big heart, you have a lot of resentment when there is someone responsible. But I didn’t have that. it was a disease. So she had to do with something ethereal, more spiritual, ”he confessed.

On how she moved on, Vicuña admitted that in addition to her children, “my mom played a key rolewhich was accompanying from her wisdom, from her spirituality and from her connection, because she had a very deep connection with Blanquita and all my children”.

The actor also revealed that he is working on a book dedicated to his daughter.

“It made me very angry”: Benjamín Vicuña comments on how he experienced Blanca’s duel and his first reaction | TV and show