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Jean Alesi in Bassano in 2014 (photo Alessandro Tich – Bassanonet archive) “Today’s meeting – reports the regional councilor in the FB group “Let’s save the Friars in Bassano” of which she is co-administrator – went very well because brother Tadiello, the Father Superior, was very clear about the mobilization of the territory and of … Read more

“Books for children never born”: the satirical column by Arianna Porcelli Safonov

In her satirical column in Terra Nuova magazine, Arianna Porcelli Safonov in the January issue speaks of illustrated children’s books, which are published in large quantities despite the fact that fewer and fewer children are being born. With the usual sharp irony, here is the intervention of the performer of monologues of satire. “I can’t … Read more

Melodramas with leading children to enjoy at the weekend

In the film industry, great performances always attract the attention of the press and are highlighted at awards shows. In general we are used to adult actors who stand out for their acting prowess. However, in many cases it is the children who win all eyes for their talent and versatility in front of the … Read more

Mantsina on stage: the play “All your children scattered” on the boards

From the novel titled “All the scattered children by Rwandan Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse, the play brings to life the almost murky story that happened in Rwanda during the genocide. “But beyond that, there is a message of conviviality, of living together and of a spiritual transmission between generations”confided Antoine Yirika, while continuing that “It is … Read more

“We need children. We need children.” Pope Francis’ speech to the families of the Forum of family associations

Share Tweets Share Whatsapp messengers Pope francesco: “take care of yourselves, as couples and as families! Take the necessary time for prayer, for dialogue between you spouses and with children, and for community life in the Church” On Friday 2 December, in the Clementine hall, Pope Francis received the members of the Forum of family … Read more

A family Christmas, Andrea Bocelli with his children Matteo and Virginia under the Christmas tree

A family reunion in grand style, in the presence of Christmas: the majority of the Bocellis, Andrea, 64 years old, the leader, their children Matteo, 25 years old, now also launched into a solo dimension, and then little Virginia, ten years old and grit and clarity of ideas to sell, together they conceived an album, … Read more

The Ukrainian flag signed by children as a gift to the Pope

At the end of the general audience, a group of young people who have found hospitality in the House for spiritual retreats in Lipinki, Poland, gave the Pope the blue and yellow flag with their signatures and the inscriptions of words of peace for their people and of gratitude to the Pope. In the morning, … Read more