Romina Carrisi, the tearful confession after so many years: “My parents left us for 3 months for…”

Romina CarrisiYoubee Romina Carrisi is today a very loved and appreciated television personality by the general public. Important column of Today is Another Daythe flagship program of Rai 1 weekday afternoons, hosted by the wonderful Serena Bortone, is also very popular on social networks. In particular, the youngest daughter of Albano and Romina Power, is … Read more

Charlene of Monaco recovering: her parents make a radical decision

“My family is my rock“. These words were spoken by Charlene of Monacoin an interview with Nice morning, last December. If she was then referring to her husband Albert II of Monaco and to their two childrenthe former professional swimmer is also remained very close to her parents, Lynette and Michael Wittstock, as well as … Read more

MAINTENANCE. With “Rest a little”, Gad Elmaleh pays tribute to his parents

Gad Elmaleh premiered his latest film “Reste un peu” at the La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival. After the screening, we met the actor-director of a very personal film. (Article originally published last October) All about: The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon Gad Elmaleh, in your latest film “Reste un peu”, you play your own … Read more

Devendra Banhart: her childhood in Colombia, her yogi parents and who was the person who chose her name

“Sorry, my Spanish is terrible. Thank you for being patient, surely only twenty percent of what I am saying can be understood, but thank you. In clear, slow Spanish, Devendra Banhart He apologizes because he thinks he is not making himself understood, although his link with the language goes back to his childhood. Born in … Read more

This publishing house that delights children… and reassures parents

Among the plethora of books for young people, few are those that combine the beautiful and the good. With their collection of classic books, Mame editions bring up to date albums whose stories are as charming as they are captivating, the vocabulary rich and the illustrations neat. “When I read to my children The beautiful … Read more

“Children were forced to have sex with their parents”: sect victim recounts the horror he experienced

This weekend was dismantled a international sect in the neighborhood Villa Crespo in Buenos Aires, Argentinawhich was dedicated to the human trafficking already perform adult movie videos with their victims. One of those affected identified as Paul Salum recounted how the organization operated. Salum was the first child to be hooked by the sect which … Read more

School for Parents prepares cultural day for 25th anniversary

The Civil Association Oneami School for Parents, within the framework of its 25th anniversary, will carry out this coming June 30 at the Stallforth Cultural Center, a cultural day of resilience in families, with the participation of five health specialists, whose topics They will be intended for parents, as well as for education professionals. From … Read more