Cáritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation assume the management of the ‘El Sahúco’ shelter

The hostel-colony of El Sahúco, property of the Bishopric of Albacete, has gathered for many generations thousands of people, children and young people in its colonies, especially in summer. This hostel is located in an area of ​​the district of El Sahúco, next to the Sanctuary of Christ of El Sahúco, 15 kilometers from the town of Peñas de San Pedro and 47 from Albacete. It was built with the proceeds of one of the first Caritas de Albacete tombolas, more than sixty years ago, with the aim of facilitating the access of boys and girls in situations of poverty and with few resources, to the right to enjoy another type of of activities in the summer period. For decades, it has been the parish priests of Peñas de San Pedro who have contributed to the management of the shelter-colony, who are recognized and thanked for their efforts, which have made it possible for the entire Diocese to benefit from the action carried out there. .

Now, years later and without losing sight of that first objective, the Bishopric of Albacete has entrusted the management of this space to Cáritas Diocesana through the El Sembrador Foundation. The Bishopric has ceded these facilities, for a period of 20 years, so that it continues to be a comprehensive space for charitable and pastoral action, good management of activities, rest, leisure, training, meeting, retreat, coexistence and spirituality for any person or group that requires it. During this summer, Caritas has managed the stay of 5 camps in which 546 people have participated. It also aims to become a space that favors inclusion and generates training, support and employment opportunities for vulnerable groups and people for whom Caritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation carry out their services and activities.

Cáritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation assume the management of the ‘El Sahúco’ shelter-colony / Image: Cáritas Albacete

Promote social insertion, one of the main objectives of this agreement in Albacete

Cáritas Diocesana and Fundación El Sembrador, as non-profit social entities, consider employment to be a fundamental and essential element in the processes of social insertion that they promote, since it articulates and generates motivating processes in people and very positive effects on the factors causing of marginalization. That is why, another of the objectives of this new project is to offer the people they accompany, training and employment opportunities related to the management of hostel, hotel and restaurant establishments in which both entities already have extensive experience, and they aspire to turn it into one more step to achieve greater and better cohesion and social equality. At the moment, a PRIS training course is being developed there, in which 4 people participate, with whom they are working to improve their employability.

The hostel-colony aims to offer its visitors accommodation and restaurants throughout the year, the beauty of its landscapes, an atmosphere of tranquility, retreat, calm, and the cultivation of spirituality, as well as a space in which enjoy an affordable quality offer. It has bedrooms for families and small groups with bunk beds and single beds, meeting rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, hot water, heating in winter, sports court and swimming pool in summer. It is also prepared to accommodate large groups, with a capacity in its bedrooms of more than 150 people in a camp or coexistence regime.

Both the Bishopric of Albacete and Cáritas Diocesana and Fundación El Sembrador want and wish to highlight and make known to the entire Diocese and society the enormous service, the great work and the good contribution that everyone develops in the social sphere to give impetus to these projects thanks to the participation and collaboration with them to always try to improve them.

The signed agreement has also contemplated the economic contribution of both entities to make a necessary initial investment that has made possible the remodeling of the building, the renovation of the kitchen, accessibility, part of the furniture, swimming pool, exterior areas of the building, as well as cleaning and landscaping.

Cáritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation assume the management of the ‘El Sahúco’ shelter-colony