Sonia Olea en Comité ampliado de la REPAM: “Cáritas española se ha amazonizado”

El análisis de la coyuntura sociopolítica, eclesial y territorial en un diálogo entre actores diversos que buscan hallar el mejor camino para seguir avanzando en las prioridades para los pueblos amazónicos, marcan la reunión del Comité ampliado de la Red Eclesial Panamazónica (REPAM) que se realiza del 8 al 10 de noviembre en Florencia-Caquetá. Una … Read more

Caritas Internationalis placed under guardianship

By a decree issued Tuesday, November 22 at midday, Pope Francis appoints Pier Francesco Pinelli, an Italian layman, Provisional Administrator of the confederation of 162 charitable works of the Church, based in the Vatican and present in more than 200 countries and territories in the world. Aloysius John, the General Secretary of Caritas since May … Read more

Le pape François débarque la direction de Caritas Internationalis

Le bureau de presse du Saint-Siège a diffusé ce mardi 22 novembre un décret indiquant que Caritas Internationalis est placée sous la conduite d’un administrateur temporaire jusqu’à ce que les statuts de la confédération soient révisés. Un décret du pape François diffusé par le bureau de presse du Saint-Siège le 22 novembre 2022 indique que … Read more

“Deficiencies in management”, Pope Francis commissioner of Caritas Internationalis

from Gian Guido Vecchi The body that coordinates 162 charitable associations. Cardinal Tagle removed, in his place Pier Francesco Pinelli VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has commissioned Caritas Internationalis, the body that coordinates 162 charitable associations around the world, to define a “revision of the current regulatory framework”, “improve” the mission at the service of … Read more

The Decree. The Pope commissioned Caritas Internationalis to “improve the mission”

Cardinal Tagle – Sicilians Pope Francis Commissioner Caritas Internationalis (CI). A drastic measure, announced today with a decree signed on Monday, taken to encourage the “renewal” of the institution. The purpose is “improve” the accomplishment of the “mission” through “a revision of the current regulatory framework in order to make it more appropriate to the … Read more

Pope Francis appoints commissioner to strengthen the service of Caritas International

The Holy Father has decreed to promote a process of renewal of the body dependent on the Vatican Curia, after verifying the need to especially strengthen the management of people. VaticanNews Through a decree of Pope Francis, published at noon this Tuesday, November 22, Caritas International (CI) is preparing for a temporary administration, to improve … Read more

Initiative of the Franciscans with the Opera, together with Caritas. Today, Wednesday 14 September, the feast of Santa Croce with one hundred special guests

A party in the name of hospitality, spirituality and art. One hundred special guests – all people who usually sit at Caritas canteens – celebrated the dedication of Santa Croce this morning together with Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, who presided over the concelebration, Father Giancarlo Corsini, rector of the basilica, and Cristina Acidini, president of the … Read more

“Signed by you” tells of the ‘Diorama’ project of the diocesan Caritas of Cerignola

Remove the kids from the street and lead them to a healthy place where they can grow, study and orient themselves in the world of work, with a civil conscience nourished by the principles of legality. This is the commitment of the operators and volunteers of the “Diorama” educational center promoted by Diocesan Caritas of … Read more

Cáritas and the ‘El Sembrador’ Foundation assume the management of the ‘El Sahúco’ shelter

The hostel-colony of El Sahúco, property of the Bishopric of Albacete, has gathered for many generations thousands of people, children and young people in its colonies, especially in summer. This hostel is located in an area of ​​the district of El Sahúco, next to the Sanctuary of Christ of El Sahúco, 15 kilometers from the … Read more