UDS promotes a new vision for sports management

Víctor Miguel Agreda.-

San Carlos, December 9.- (Las Noticias de Cojedes) , from the new vision of sports management, since in recent years this element has revolutionized and has been contributing a lot to the construction of the national sports system and scientific innovation.

The training day was headed by the Rector of the UDS, Yinny Suárez, Joao Chávez, director of intellectual creation and advanced training, and Miriam Rodríguez, head of intellectual creation and advanced training, together with 65 master students, 32 speakers from the Bolivarian State of Cojedes , with the participation of different speakers from all over the country, 12 special guests and international specialists.

Chávez indicated that they are pleased with the first days of advanced training research. “We have 32 speakers who socialized and shared their research work resulting from their fourth level studies.”

He also explained that they had international virtual presentations, thanks to technology. He took the opportunity to invite researchers from the area, since these training and research sessions will be replicated every year.

For her part, Professor Miriam Rodríguez, stated that it was an academic party that took place at the UDS.

The Rector of the UDS, Jinny Suárez, reported that the activity took place in the “Morochito Rodríguez” room.

-It is important to highlight that the dissertations have filled us with scientific and investigative knowledge about sports management, as well as spirituality, organizations and planning of the sports manager, because in these years what it means to be a manager has evolved widely, he said Suarez.

“But beyond that we are contributing knowledge for the construction of the national sports system of our country”, and he said that the presentations were of the utmost importance for the cohorts of master students in sports management.

He went on to detail the university authority that is taking the initiative to continue working on training, research and scientific innovation, “because we believe it is important for the spiritual development of the country as our President Nicolás Maduro and Minister Tibisay Lucena have announced.” He indicated that UDESUR is present at the university expo at the military academy, to -among other things- accompany President Maduro ».

He added that they are happy with the academic and advanced training teams that did the work of planning and organizing these conferences that close 2022 as a successful year, with deep organization and much progress in the programmatic unit of work. “We believe in the development of our country and one of the fundamental points is science, research and innovation. We want to tell you from the Universidad Deportiva del Sur that we are going to continue working so that the Venezuelan sports system can have professionals who allow us to continue strengthening this sports route in Venezuela.”

UDS promotes a new vision for sports management – Las Noticias de Cojedes