Découvrez l’éveil spirituel: voyage chamanique à Lyon

Lyon, centre spirituel pour le chamanisme moderne Parcours initiatique du voyage chamanique à Lyon Premiers pas vers l’initiation Participation active à des cercles de tambours qui battent le rythme de l’ancienne tradition, invitant à l’exploration des états modifiés de conscience. Apprentissage et pratique des techniques de voyage chamanique, une méthode … Read more

Analyse morale et poésie baroque (Université Lyon 3)

Analyse morale et poésie baroque Date de tombée (deadline) : 01 juillet 2023.  On songe rarement à établir un parallèle entre les poètes que nous qualifions aujourd’hui de « baroques » depuis les travaux fondateurs de Marcel Raymond et Jean Rousset[1] et les auteurs que nous nommons, a posteriori également, « moralistes ». Au premier regard, ce sont plutôt des … Read more

Cultural outings in Lyon not to be missed from 8 to 14 December | Grandstand of Lyon

December 10. Ibrahim Maalouf at the ferry Ibrahim Maalouf. © DR Is it still really necessary to present Ibrahim Maalouf? Adopting the quarter-tone Arabic trumpet invented by his father in the 1960s, he revived this neglected instrument and was able to draw on its roots to develop a unique musical style. Fifteen albums, four Victoires … Read more

In Lyon, Church actors trained in security

“A church is a special place, by its architecture, its destination and the atmosphere that reigns there, but it is above all a place that receives the public permanently, Dominique recalls. All those who intervene are therefore security guards in spite of themselves! » A year ago, this former policeman was recruited by the diocese … Read more

Anthroposophy: the Nef, a bank created by this esoteric current, sows discord at the town hall of Lyon

Does the green majority of Lyon flirt with an esoteric current? In recent days, the opposition group “For Lyon” has alerted the press to a loan of 3 million euros contracted a year ago by the municipality with an ethical bank, the Nef (for New fraternal economy) . This same bank is cited in the … Read more

Diary of an expat’ #1: 5 things that surprised me when I arrived in Lyon

1. Lyon, capital of esotericism I am what is commonly called a “witch”. In any case, that’s how my relatives have fun naming me! Very focused on energies, the “spirituality” in its broadest sense, astrology (no comment… If you’re slanderous, my crystal ball will tell me and I’ll put a spell on you. I’m kidding… … Read more

In Lyon, the “Concorde et solidarité” group creates its prize

For Florence Delaunay, the objective is clear: “Show that the secularism is not synonymous with indifference, but on the contrary a way of conceiving dialogue and exchange, with respect, between the different religions as well as with the rest of society! » Deputy Mayor of Lyons in charge of rights and equality, memory, worship and … Read more

In Lyon, they (re)discover the statues of virgins and saints

They are two women, lecturers by profession, to share the same passion for these statues nestled on the facades of buildings in Lyon: Laurence Benoit and Catherine de Rivaz. In the 1990s, they began their inventory. Verdict: more than 200 statues, whereas there were 400 at the beginning of the 20th century. And for many … Read more

Let’s go for four weeks of concerts: RhinoJazz more eclectic than ever, on the launch pad > Jazz In Lyon

The Belmondo brothers Let’s go for four weeks of concerts: RhinoJazz more eclectic than ever, on the launch pad RhinoJazz launches its 44th edition on Tuesday October 4 with…”The Firebird” by Stravinsky at the Saint-Etienne Opera. On the program, until October 23, 27 days of music in no less than 28 municipalities of the … Read more