Astro 2023: Mark these dates in your diary, big upheavals will take place

In 2023, major planetary movements promise upheavals in astrology. The position of the planets is going to have a big influence on the kind of energies we are going to have to deal with in the next 12 months. Discover the 5 dates to note in your diary and how to apprehend them.

March 7, 2023: Saturn enters Pisces

This so-called “slow” planet will remain in this astrological sign until May 25, 2025. Its influence is global and affects the population as a whole more than on an individual level. For three years, the planet of limits, responsibilities, wisdom or even austerity will be tinged with the energies of Pisces. With this sign it is a question of emotion, spirituality or instinct. It is possible that society will initially find itself in difficulty because of false beliefs and attempts at manipulation. We could fight on a large scale against gurus and liars.

In a second step, a collective conscience should develop allowing to show discernment and maturity. It is important to take responsibility and not to disperse.

March 24, 2023: Pluto enters Aquarius

If there was only one date to remember this year, it is this one. She is not only the most important of 2023, but probably the most influential of the entire decade. After nearly 20 years in the sign of Capricorn, the imposing planet Pluto will arrive in Aquarius this year. It will oscillate between the two planets before remaining in Aquarius until 2043.

Pluto has a global and extremely important influence on all of humanity. This planet is that of transformations and destructions: it modifies societies and ideals. The last time Pluto transited in the sign of Aquarius, it corresponded to the period of the French revolution: thus Pluto upsets the established order. We could thus enter a crisis period then reconstruction linked to new technologies and means of communication.

May 17, 2023: Jupiter enters Taurus

The lucky one of the year is the sign of Taurus! Until May 26, 2024, the planet of luck will be at his side to bring him many opportunities. Jupiter in Aries this year has given us the strength to take on new challenges and the courage to seize opportunities. With the sign of Taurus, the idea is rather to make things happen. Take the time to set up long-term projects.

However, beware of excesses in all their forms: a lot of spending on shopping, too many sweets… you have to slow down.

July 23, 2023: Venus retrograde in Leo

Important date in the sentimental field! Venus will spend nearly 4 months in the sign of Leo. It is therefore a question ofpassionate love and warm all sprinkled with a lot of affection. Be careful though, until September 4 Retrograde Venus. So it’s a great time to cultivate the love we have for ourselves by taking care of ourselves to gain confidence in ourselves. It is also a great time to reconnect with our artistic side and our creativity.

It is therefore a movement of the planets conducive to introspection and benevolence towards oneself.

August 13, 2023: A Sun and Venus conjunction in Leo

This is the perfect day to arrange a date. The Sun and the planet Venus, symbolizing love, are particularly close. They join forces and push us to seek harmony within our romantic relationship or friendly. We need to love, and above all to express it through the sign of Leo. There is a warm and seductive atmosphere in the air that will benefit anyone who is in a relationship or looking for love.

It’s a good time to take matters into your own hands and initiate the changes you want in your love life. The period is therefore conducive to romantic encounters or major decisions within a couple.

Astro 2023: Mark these dates in your diary, big upheavals will take place