The classic playlist to go green

Each month, Fnac and Vialma, the benchmark for classical and jazz music streaming, present a carefully concocted playlist, according to a particular theme. The opportunity to highlight known tracks, rare treasures, calm beaches, but also extreme pieces. At a time when nature is adorning itself with its most beautiful colors and donning its winter garb, … Read more

Mex Urtizberea, the host of a classic gathering: “In ¡Fa! we talk about issues that are common to all” | UPR

Mex Urtizberea receives to The Urban Planet at home, his place in the world, where he currently does almost all his activities: his radio show The morning (Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12, by Nacional Rock) and Fa!a kind of cultural gathering in which, once a month, they have the pleasure of chatting with … Read more

The classic Lucio Fontana and the provocateur meet at the Pompidou in Malaga

The trajectory of the Italian-Argentine artist Lucio Fontanafrom its academic and neoclassical beginnings to its arrival at abstraction and what some understood as a provocation, by tearing or perforating the canvases, is brought together in the new temporary exhibition of the Pompidou Center of Malaga. You can see from this Thursday a total of 33 … Read more

Millennium’s The Curse of Frank Black Is A Halloween Classic You Can’t Miss

Trigger Warning: The following includes references to suicide. In the mid-1990s, X files Creator Chris Carter reached new heights in his career. X files was at the height of its popularity, and the 1998 feature film was just around the corner. The only way for Carter to go was to ride, and so he developed … Read more

6 Classic Dark Witchcraft Movies To Watch On Halloween | Pretty Reel

Every Halloween, many “best witchcraft movies” lists circulate. And every Halloween, you can guarantee those lists are likely to include well-worn favorites like The Craft, The Witch, or Practical Magic. While these films are great on their own, I’m doing something a little different for this article. Full disclosure: I’m a practicing pagan, and witchcraft … Read more

The classic austerity of Israel Galván in 8 Solos 8

More details Chapel of Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere, Paris. 6-IX-22. As part of the Théâtre de la Ville hors-les-murs. Israel Galván Company: 8 Solos 8. Choreography and dance: Israel Galván. Music: Domenico Scarlatti, played on the organ by Benjamin Alard. Sound: Pedro Leon. First show of the 2022-2023 dance season in Paris, 8 Solos 8 … Read more

The divas of classic cinema who survive active, from Sofia Loren to Joan Collins

The great ladies of classic cinema gave prominence to the so-called ‘seventh art’. Many of them are past their 80s and 90s and are still active shooting on time. Sofía Loren with 87 years, Joan Collins with 89, Gina Lollobrigida with 95, Ángela Lansbury with 97 or Eva Marie Saint with 98 are some examples. … Read more

“Street beauty and classic beauty”. Tradition and postmodernity in the marble bodies of Fabio Viale

Lucrezia Lombardo 07 July 2022 18:08 Share After the season that saw conceptual and performative art as protagonist, an art that has hybridized multiple languages, giving primacy to the user’s freedom of interpretation and to the … Read more