Marc Montijano expone en el CAC Málaga “El lenguaje de los pájaros”/ Últimas Noticias / Homines. Portal de Arte y Cultura

           PUBLICIDAD NOTICIAS | ARTE Y CULTURA Marc Montijano expone en el CAC Málaga El lenguaje de los pájarosEl CAC Málaga presenta por primera vez, la obra inédita El lenguaje de los pájaros (2023), del artista Marc Montijano (Vic, Barcelona, 1978), en la que propone una exploración de la naturaleza profunda del ser humano y su … Read more

The classic Lucio Fontana and the provocateur meet at the Pompidou in Malaga

The trajectory of the Italian-Argentine artist Lucio Fontanafrom its academic and neoclassical beginnings to its arrival at abstraction and what some understood as a provocation, by tearing or perforating the canvases, is brought together in the new temporary exhibition of the Pompidou Center of Malaga. You can see from this Thursday a total of 33 … Read more

Today, the horoscope of good tarot readers in Malaga shows why Aries is angry

CHATESOTERICO.COMis the perfect place to find yourself. Join this community now and discover your full potential, true spirituality will take hold of you Aries feels angry when he notices that things are not going as expected. However, this makes him realize what his mistakes have been, being aware of what steps he must follow from … Read more