“I Travel Inside, Israel for you”, a new site on Israeli culture

“I Travel Inside, Israel for you” is a new French-language website, launched at the start of the school year, devoted to travel and culture in Israel. Founded by journalist Ghislaine Dichy, it aims to “bring a new perspective on Israel, through travel inspirations, original experiences, proposals for ‘Best Spots’ (in art, architecture, food, tech innovation, … Read more

Israel and Jordan: smells, flavors, colors and pains of the East.

From my childhood days I was very close and regularly as a grassroots Christian, in the Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Salamanca. First as a candidate for confirmation, and once successful, as a member of church youth groups run by Don Miguel the priest. Later as a catechist and brother of the groups … Read more

King Charles III: Friend of the Jews of the United Kingdom, with historical ties to Israel

Charles III, the 73-year-old monarch who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II after her death, is the oldest person to hold the British throne. As well as bolstering his reputation with Israel in recent years, Carlos has long enjoyed a positive connection with British Jewry. After all, the UK ruled the Jewish state from 1920 to 1948, … Read more

The classic austerity of Israel Galván in 8 Solos 8

More details Chapel of Saint-Louis de la Salpetriere, Paris. 6-IX-22. As part of the Théâtre de la Ville hors-les-murs. Israel Galván Company: 8 Solos 8. Choreography and dance: Israel Galván. Music: Domenico Scarlatti, played on the organ by Benjamin Alard. Sound: Pedro Leon. First show of the 2022-2023 dance season in Paris, 8 Solos 8 … Read more

It broke her as an actress, but a trip to Israel made her take a new spiritual path: What happened to the life of Mariquita Gallegos?


Galician ladybug She was one of the most important women of the 60s and 70s, since she was part of numerous artistic projects that were highly recognized and awarded worldwide. Although she began her career as a star, over the years she developed as an actress, singer and even television host, but despite her success, … Read more

Noahism, new breath for Israel

Israel seems to be at the end of its tether and needs – precisely – a new lease of life. Secular socialist Zionism which was to surreptitiously transform into religious Zionism did not result in consensual membership. Religious Zionism has turned into either reasonable or delusional messianism (violent and unjust). Israel is fragmented between, on … Read more

Israel, running between history and spirituality


Walk, discover, know, be amazed, between history, spirituality and nature; sensations and actions that in Israel can be experienced in a single breath, in a moment, in a second. By the editorial staff – photo Israeli National Tourist Office The Land of Israel, welcoming and generous, is able to offer an absolutely extraordinary nature, with … Read more

Saudi Arabia. Iranian pilgrims lambaste Hajj normalization with Israel


Summary Mrdio Oriente, July 08, 2022. From Saudi Arabia at the Hajj pilgrimage, Iranians raise their voices in support of Palestine and against normalization pacts with the “criminal Zionist regime.” A large crowd of Iranian pilgrims gathered this Friday at Iran’s central tent on Mount Arafat in Mina, a desert site near the holy city … Read more



The Israeli film and audiovisual industry responded enthusiastically to ANICA’s mission in Israel: through an intense program of meetings, the foundations for future all-out collaborations between the industries of the two countries were created. The mission – strongly desired by the President Francesco Rutelli and the President of the Union of Producers Benedetto Habib according … Read more

Embassy of Israel and Bioparco Foundation inaugurate cultural itinerary “Animals of the Bible”

– Advertisement – AgenPress. “The waters teem with living beings and birds fly over the earth,” said God, in the genesis of the world. “Let the earth produce living beings according to their kind: cattle, reptiles and wild beasts.” Animals and Sacred Scriptures: a symbiotic relationship, mirror of the centrality that the living being has … Read more