Raym’s Zabra: The atypical musical journey of a versatile artist

In an exclusive interview, Raym’s Zabra, Guinean artist on the rise, reveals his unique musical journey. Once active in the world of Afro Trap rap, Zabra chose to follow an unexpected artistic path by embarking on choral music. Passionate about evangelization through gospel music, he shares with us his artistic transition, the challenges he faces and the reception of the public. Discover the remarkable journey of Raym’s Zabra, an artist who followed his divine calling and inspires those who listen to him to embrace spirituality through his music.

Guinea360 : Good evening ! Can you introduce yourself please?

Raym’s Zabra : Good evening ! I am Raymond Oularé, known under the pseudonym of Raym’s Zabra. I graduated in accounting from General Lansana Conté University in Sonfonia.

Who is Zabra and how did you come to make music?

Zabra is a nickname given to me when I was dancing the cut shifted, inspired by the artist Dj Arafat. I have always been passionate about music, especially listening to songs by Dj Arafat and later those by MHD.

What type of music did you do before and why did you choose this genre?

I was into Afro Trap rap before. I chose this genre because I was good at interpreting MHD and Niska songs.

How did you decide to change your musical genre and get into choral music?

Gospel music is sung to evangelize in the name of God. I tried singing it for the first time in 2019 and felt a real calling for evangelism. I’m happy with what I’m doing today.

Did you manage to transfer your fans from afro-trap to choral music?

I’m on a mission today and people have a hard time understanding why I made this change. However, I try to make an effort and I manage to bring a lot of fans back to the path of God, whether they are Muslims or Christians.

How is your choral music doing at the moment and how is it perceived by the public?

My gospel music is doing better than my old musical genre and I am making great progress in this area, thanks to the presence of God. The public appreciates it well, even if there are people who would like to see me return to my old style. For my part, I feel better and I believe it is divine will.

Do you have any upcoming projects, such as an album signing or a mixtape? Can you tell us more briefly? Where and when will this event take place?

Yes, I have already released an album called “TrapGospel Vol.1” available on all streaming platforms. The dedication concert of the album is scheduled for this Sunday, May 14 at the Archdiocese of Conakry in Kaloum.

What message would you like to send to your fans and the public to encourage them to listen to your choral music?

To all my fans and all the public that follows me, I encourage you to put God in your lives and make patience, courage and perseverance your motto. I expect many of you at the concert.

I would like to thank you, dear Moustapha Barry, and I wish everyone an excellent read. THANKS.

Raym’s Zabra: The atypical musical journey of a versatile artist – Guinee360