Czerny: yes to sustainable tourism without exploitation

In the message for today’s World Tourism Day, the prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development invites a change of course in the name of an ever more equitable tourist activity and suggests to focus on “proximity tourism” to appreciate the “treasures of heritage, cuisine, folklore, and even spirituality that neighboring regions have … Read more

Carlo Petrini, to WineNews: it is our lives that must be sustainable, to regenerate us

“Never as in this historical moment are we aware of the importance of the food system, all, as a whole, with respect to environmental degradation. And therefore how the need to regenerate the way we eat and produce is a need that can no longer be postponed, on pain of the fact that we become … Read more

Milan Fashion Week, Lara Chamandi: “With my sustainable fashion I want to inspire women in search of a new self


Lara was born in the mountains of Chouf, in Lebanon, a still uncontaminated territory, made of archaic landscapes of a bewitching and enveloping beauty, just like the balsamic notes of cedar wood that perfume the desert air. There, the bond with Nature is stronger than ever and the stones exude history: precisely this intoxicating mix … Read more

Castellabate, success for the debate on the role of small publishing at the base of sustainable and effective local development


Last 30 July, in the historic courtyard of one of the most identifying places in our Cilento, the Castello dell’Abate di Castellabate, which dominates the Gulf of Posidio from above, celebrated by Strabone, as part of the “Southern Books” review, now in its thirty-second edition, hosted by the creator, Prof. Gennaro Malzone and in the … Read more