jhm | Les Festivités des Arts de la Renne, un week

Sortie. “Les Arts de la Renne” organise son premier week-end de festivités, les 23 et 24 septembre. Trois spectacles musicaux pour petits et grands seront proposés entre les villages de Rennepont et Montheries. Une visite commentée d’exposition se déroulera à Saint-Martin-sur-la-Renne. Après un premier concert organisé en juillet en l’église de Montheries, la toute jeune … Read more

Holy Week Masses 2023: schedules and where you can watch the celebrations live

With the end of the month of March and the arrival of April, Holy Week finds its place and acquires the unique role it finds every year. The masses acquire a special role, due to the religious component they have, and there are many parishioners who attend this celebration with their relatives. This week, therefore, … Read more

The Spiritual Film Week in the Diocese of Salamanca opens to the alfoz

On Monday, February 17, the film “El amor en su lugar” will be screened for secondary school students at 12:00 pm at the Van Dick Cinemas. And as a novelty, the possibility of watching a film in spring is offered to schoolchildren from 3rd to 6th grade of Primary Education in Alfoz, in Villares de … Read more

Portico of Caserta. The celebrations of ‘Sant’Antuono’ with the ‘Battuglie di Pastellessa’ will start next week

Article published on: 19/01/2023 17:11:16 This is the press release issued by the Municipality of Portico di Caserta: “Portico di Caserta. “Carri, Rhythms and Pastellessa” – The celebrations in honor of Sant’Antuono are underway. 22-25-27-28-29 January: five days of celebration between tradition, street food and surprises – Saturday 21 January conference to present the program … Read more

Spirituality week in Trinidad (+ photos)

The creativity of the Caribbean City Museum, in harmony with its architectural and heritage wealth, became the leitmotiv of this celebration in its fiftieth edition The maestro Alfredo Castro in the musical direction of the presentation of two cultural institutions of the city, the Municipal Concert Band and the Trinitarian Tunes. (Photos: Ana Martha Panadés/Escambray). … Read more

Tirailleurs, That summer, The survivors…: the cinema outings of the week

War, family chronicle, mystery in the Italian Alps…: here is our selection of films released this Wednesday, January 4, 2023 in cinemas. The idea for the film was born in 1998 with the death of the last Senegalese skirmisher, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, at the age of 104. He had been conscripted by force in 1914. He … Read more

The Banshees of Inisherin, Vivre, Joyland: New in cinemas this week

What to see in theaters THE EVENTINISHERIN’S BANSHEE ★★★★☆ By Martin McDonagh The essential On an Irish island, in 1923, two former friends are locked in an absurd estrangement. Martin McDonagh re-forms the duo of Kisses from BrugesColin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, and signs a very black, very funny fable. For his first film shot … Read more

Week of Fasting and Prayer in the spirit of Saint Hildegard: a retreat to start Advent

WEEK OF FASTING AND PRAYER ACCORDING TO SAINT HILDEGARD THIRD EDITION IN SPAIN. (FIRST WEEK OF THE SEASON OF ADVENT 2022) Since Santa Hildegarda House We announce that we are once again organizing what will be the third edition of the Week of Fasting and Prayer according to Saint Hildegarda at the Santos Ángeles Spirituality … Read more

My week with Rebecca, one of the “haunted” dolls sold online

It arrived in a big box with the first snowflakes of winter. Like a strange gift from Christmas. A pale face under blond bangs, melancholy green eyes, a long ruffled dress, a parasol, some jewelry. Rebecca is not a simple porcelain doll. She is “haunted”. At least that’s how it was presented on the announcement … Read more

The Week of Spirituality and Culture returns to Moio della Civitella

After two years of stagnation due to the pandemic, the Week of Spirituality and Culture come back with “50 Times Thanks”, a special edition to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of priestly ordination of don Angelo Imbriacopastor of skin (fraction of Moio della Civitella) e Cardile (fraction of Gioi). Divided into six evenings, given the exceptional … Read more