« La spiritualité joue un rôle de carburant dans l’action écologique »

La Croix : Pourquoi la spiritualité de l’écologie pose-t-elle une question d’éthique chrétienne ? Fabien Revol : La spiritualité de l’écologie est un domaine très vaste qui déborde les questions chrétiennes mais nous avons choisi de nous centrer sur l’approche chrétienne pour donner des outils, comprendre d’où l’on vient et comment se positionner vis-à-vis des … Read more

Black Panther 2: Tenoch Huerta would have studied the Mayan language for his role as Namor

Black Panther 2: Tenoch Huerta would have studied the Mayan language for his role as Namor Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of the following films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and little by little the days advance until its expected premiere. Through a new interview with Vice, Tenoch Huerta talks about the work he … Read more

Coronavirus and conspiracies: what role do esotericism and spirituality play? | DW | 30.12.2021

Not only ultra-rightists, but also people from different social groups, are demonstrating against the measures adopted to contain the coronavirus. Among them there are also esoterics, people for whom self-knowledge and self-realization play a central role. To achieve these objectives there are many paths: astrology, meditation, reiki or yoga. Let’s clarify: meditation and yoga have … Read more

Lily James, from Downton Abbey to Pam & Tommy: “For each role I play, I wear a different perfume”

Exclusively, the British actress reveals to us the essential products of her beauty routine to shine with a thousand lights during the end-of-year celebrations. Sometimes an emancipated lady in Downtown Abbeysometimes a Disney princess in Cinderella or even Russian countess in War and peace, Lily James has often distinguished herself in films and costume series. … Read more

10 awesome actor transformations for a role in a series #Season2

Some actors are unrecognizable when they interpret a character in a series. Whether it’s because of the make-up, or simply because they went through intensive training before the shoot. Here are 10 actors who underwent a physical transformation to stick as much as possible to their character. Update: This article was published in May 2020 … Read more

Report: CCP Plays Significant Role in Multiple Transnational Crimes

The Chinese communist regime plays a significant role in several types of transnational crimes, according to a report by a Washington-based think tank. The Global Financial Integrity report has helped to highlight issues relating to the forced labor and intellectual property infringement. The regime itself engages in criminal activities, the report says (pdf) entitled “China’s … Read more

Barcelona hosts the KAICIID conference on social inclusion and the role of the media in the fight against hate speech in European cities

Castelldefels / Barcelona, ​​SPAIN. Under the theme “Social inclusion in cities: strengthening multi-stakeholder partnerships to bring communities to dialogue“, The Center for International Dialogue (KAICIID), the Blanquerna Observatory for Media, Culture and Religion, the European Council for Religious Leaders (ECRL / RfP Europe), the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona ( ISCREB) and the … Read more

The role of emotions in the spiritual life

It was during a session on the practice of clowning and prayer at the Spiritual Center of Hautmont in Mouvaux (North). Entering the scene in front of the other retreatants, “in a suit that looks like nothing”Marie-Laure suddenly feels embarrassed, “a beginning of shame”. “Instead of telling myself internally that I had to overcome this … Read more

Youth Literature and its role in promoting reading

This category is attracting more and more public, who beyond the complementary texts of the school, are interested in fashion sagas or on romantic, fantastic or adventure themes and anime. For some time now, children’s books have risen to the top of reading rankings around the world. And Chile has not been the exception. Sagas … Read more