Nacho Cano, from his courtship with Penélope Cruz to his life in his shelter in Miami

Nacho Cano is, to his 60 years, one of the best-known faces of music in our country. Composer, record producer, stage director and businessman, he was part of the mythical pop musical group of the 90s ‘Mecano’ with his brother Jose Maria already the vocalist Ana Torroja, with whom today he has no relationship. Now, … Read more

Nacho Cano, creator of ‘Malinche’: The war with his brother José María and his love with Penélope Cruz

Nacho Cano has once again hit the nail on the head with his new musical ‘Malinche’, about the love of the Aztec and Hernán Cortés, which has become a revolution in Spanish theater. Nacho Cano is the author of some of the great triumphs of pop music in his years in the group Mecano where … Read more

“Malinche”: the musical by Nacho Cano that brings to the stage the history of the conquest of Mexico

Nacho Cano’s new musical celebrates the meeting between two peoples and the world that emerged from this historic event: miscegenation. The Spanish composer brings to the stage the love story between Hernán Cortés and the indigenous Malinche –lover and interpreter of the conqueror– to praise this woman who was the mother of the first mestizo: … Read more