Nacho Cano, from his courtship with Penélope Cruz to his life in his shelter in Miami

Nacho Cano is, to his 60 years, one of the best-known faces of music in our country. Composer, record producer, stage director and businessman, he was part of the mythical pop musical group of the 90s ‘Mecano’ with his brother Jose Maria already the vocalist Ana Torroja, with whom today he has no relationship. Now, … Read more

Thousands of faithful bid farewell to Benedict XVI in the Vatican • Argentine Weekly Miami

the body of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI his head propped up on a pair of crimson pillows, lay in St. Peter’s Basilica on Monday as thousands of people filed past to pay homage to the pontiff who shocked the world. upon retirement a decade ago. As dawn broke, 10 white-gloved Papal Knights, lay attendants of … Read more

What happened to Philip Michael Thomas, Don Johnson’s partner in ‘Miami Vice’?

Fame is capricious. Who dawns one day located at the highest can wake up the next sunk in the deepest pit of oblivion, and that in Hollywood they know it quite well. Show business is synonymous with instability. Whether on the small or the big screen, there are thousands of cases of actors who have … Read more

List of winners of the Miami Visual Arts Awards

Here is the full list of winners of The Ellies 2022: creator award Fola Akinde Yoruba Mappings $5,000 for a play exploring the revitalization of Yoruba spirituality and religious practice in Miami. Margaret Cardillo Jane the First $12,000 for a documentary about Jane Chastain, America’s first female sportscaster, who started on WTVJ in Miami. Carolina … Read more

His work was exhibited in the Vatican. Enjoy the sculptures of this artist in Miami for free

“Pareja”, by the master sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, is exhibited at the Maurice A. Ferré Park on the occasion of “A bridge of light”, a free outdoor exhibition. amanda rose It’s not every day that you can see amazing bronze and marble sculptures made by a master whose work has been recognized by the Vatican. … Read more

In Miami, Afro

These themes and other deeper ones are part of the research of the Cuban teacher, choreographer and dancer Neri Torres, who has dedicated herself to the promotion of Afro-Cuban culture outside the island. Thanks to her classes, the dance performances of her IFE-ILE company and the festival that she holds annually, she conveys to many … Read more

“Commentando”, a space in Spanish on public television in Miami

With a trained eye for the analysis of numerous topics, Sánchez manages to create a kind of condensation of knowledge in 30 minutes, always from the didactic and affable approach. As the professor explained to Diario Las Américas, after “strong differences between the team of the block in Spanish and the management of WLRN” in … Read more