Nacho Cano, from his courtship with Penélope Cruz to his life in his shelter in Miami

Nacho Cano is, to his 60 years, one of the best-known faces of music in our country. Composer, record producer, stage director and businessman, he was part of the mythical pop musical group of the 90s ‘Mecano’ with his brother Jose Maria already the vocalist Ana Torroja, with whom today he has no relationship. Now, he is still active as a businessman and musician; from his refuge in Miami, where he has lived for more than a decade.

Nacho Cano at the piano

The reasons why Chanel Terrero will not be part of ‘Malinche’ the musical by Nacho Cano

His courtship with a teenager Penelope Cruz

Very jealous of his private life, his relationship with the Oscar-winning Penelope Cruz was one of the most striking in Spain in the 90s. It was in 1989 when Nacho and the interpreter of The girl of your eyes They met while filming the video clip for one of the most listened to pop songs of the late group ‘Meccano’, The force of Destiny, when she was only 14 years old. From that moment they did not separate and their relationship lasted six years. Once they went their separate ways, their lives took different directions. While Penelope’s career skyrocketed, Nacho gradually preferred to get away from the media spotlight for a while.

Teenage Pen&#xelope Cruz

Teenage Penelope Cruz

Between 1990 and 1996, their period together, were the years in which the actress of parallel mothers evolved to become the great young bet of Spanish cinema with titles such as Ham Ham either Belle Epoque. On her side, Nacho lived with her her breakup with Mecano and together they settled for a time to live in New York.

Next to Nacho, Penélope Cruz discovered Buddhism and yoga and came to be infected by the spirituality of the singer. Both speak fondly and respectfully of each other even today, three decades after their relationship ended. After their separation, ‘Pe’ began an affair with Gigi Sarasola and, since then, Nacho Cano has been especially discreet with his private life.



Ana Torroja reveals the true cause of Mecano’s end and explains how much he suffered at that stage

Mecano, the group that changed Spanish pop, although with a bitter end

‘Mecano’ was an important milestone in the musical history of the last half century in Spain, particularly in pop music. The band was a reference for thousands of young people in the eighties and nineties. At this moment, several years after its dissolution, the authorized biography of the group reveals, among other things, how José María, a singer-songwriter at the end of the seventies, went from being the driving force of the group to playing a secondary role before the voice of Ana Torroja–his girlfriend at the time– and the compositions of her brother Ignacio (Nacho). In Spain and other countries in Europe, Latin America and the United States, ‘Mecano’ has been honored many times and his followers throughout the world do not lose hope that the group will come together again. Meccanohas achieved throughout its history 31 platinum records and 2 gold recordsequivalent to 3,130,000 records sold.

The dissolution news boom

It was in 1998, at the Amigo awards ceremony, mythical musical awards that had begun to be awarded the previous year. On stage, Ana Torroja and the Cano brothers applauded a Carlos Sainz who had just returned from the rally season, losing a few meters from the finish line. Carlos was going to give them an award for an entire artistic career. After Ana’s warm words of thanks, José María approached the microphone to drop the bombshell: “I want to announce that I will no longer be with Mecano.” That bomb was not prepared at all, and it caught the singer and the author of We always live together.

First separation: 1992

In 1992, Mecano gave what would be his last tour. It was a strange tour, plagued with problems (including a laryngitis of Ana that led them to postpone concerts), but behind it all was, on the one hand, the permanent conflict between the two brothers and the boredom of the soloist as a conflict mediator, which affected her psychologically. After that tour, they announced a rest that became a dissolution. And the dissolution would have been final if it weren’t for the fact that in the middle there were economic factors that forced them to reunite with one last album, six years later.

Yoga teacher and instructor, his new facet

The songwriter of hits like ship to venus either I crashed a party At the end of his relationship with Mecano, he decided to close a chapter in his life and start a new life away from Spain, heading to Miami in 2012 and from where he has maintained a discreet life, exchanging music for bikram yoga, discipline that he exercises as a teacher in his own specialized center. The author of the musical ‘Malinche’ has become a renowned businessman in the state of Florida. To the surprise of many of his fans, in 2007 he managed to open a study of this sport, in which it is known that he has the presence of American celebrities such as Lady Gaga and several players from the NBA basketball league.

Nacho Cano yoga

Nacho Cano yoga

“I went to Miami and set up a school in the Brickell area. Is awesome. We have more than 18,000 members”counted in HELLO! This yoga school is attended especially by elite athletes. “Many from the NBA and the Miami Dolphins, who need to repair their aching bodies,” he explained.

Bikram Yoga is a session of 90 minutes at 40°, in which 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas) are developed, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Bikram Yoga is also called Hot Yoga or Yoga with heat due to the requirement to perform it at the aforementioned temperature. The room in which it is practiced is prepared to reach the 40 degree heat and between 40 – 50% humidity, ideal for warming up the muscles. The heat helps the body to burn fat more efficiently, redistributing it over the muscular structure.

Nacho Cano, from his courtship with Penélope Cruz to his life in his shelter in Miami