Nacho Cano, creator of ‘Malinche’: The war with his brother José María and his love with Penélope Cruz

Nacho Cano has once again hit the nail on the head with his new musical ‘Malinche’, about the love of the Aztec and Hernán Cortés, which has become a revolution in Spanish theater. Nacho Cano is the author of some of the great triumphs of pop music in his years in the group Mecano where he was characterized by his tense relationship with his brother José María Cano due to the artistic influence of the group.

Nacho Cano has become the King Midas of the entertainment world in Spain. his musical Malinche is being the revolution of the theatrical season in Madrid. A play about the loves of the Aztec with Hernan Cortes which, however, has not received the approval of critics.

Nacho Cano has experience in creating his own musicals and swept his previous creation Today I can not get upabout the songs of the group meccanowhich remained on the billboards for months and even had an equally successful version in Mexico.

Nacho Cano has always been surrounded by controversy and success, being one of the fundamental names in the history of Spanish pop. A name inseparable from the Mecano formation with which he marked a milestone in popular culture

The most successful band in Spain

meccano it became the biggest sales phenomenon in the history of Spanish pop. The direct antecedent was the three-year relationship between Ana Torroja with Jose Maria Cano. The group was formed in 1979, when Jose Maria Cano He signed up with his brother Nacho and Ana Torroja in the contest Young people of TVE.

Despite not achieving success with their television appearance, the trio did not stop acting and two years later, in 1981, they named the group meccano thanks to the insight of Javier Arenas ‘Capi’. Their label, CBS, dropped the group and its first single. Today I can not get up but, through self-promotion carried out by ‘Capi’, the trio managed to make a name for themselves in the industry and increase their sales.

In 1982 they released their first album, Mecano, and after this came five more that made the Spanish group one of the best-selling in history. Over the years, his lyrics and melodies became much more sophisticated.

The War of the Canos

At first, the main lyricist of the group was Nacho, the youngest of the Canos, born in 1963. Lyrics very much along the lines of inconsequential pop that marked the most salable groups of the so-called Madrilenian scene What Ole Ole. In fact, many of the lyrics of these other groups were also from Nacho Cano.

Over time Jose Maria Canoborn in 1959, would gain ground and its lyrics, much deeper and baroque, were dominating the group that, over time, was gaining in complexity both musically and in staging.

The confrontation between the Cano brothers was a fact and it became more virulent over time, at the same rate as his international career was growing. With Woman against woman (1988) broke the charts in France and Italy. The relationship reached such a point that the two brothers recorded the songs separately and then the producers were in charge of putting together what was recorded independently.

In the last quarter of 1992 they culminated an exhausting year, full of tours and successes. They were so successful, concert promoters nicknamed them Saint Meccano. When the group came to an end, although they announced that it was something specific, it was an open secret that Ana Torroja She couldn’t take it anymore with the situation that forced her to act as a bridge between the Cano brothers, who no longer hid their coldness.

In 1998 the group met again with the album Ana, Jose and Nacho. The album achieved a success that lived up to expectations, but at the Amigo awards ceremony, Jose Maria Cano announced that the group was ending. Nacho and Ana found out at that precise moment of the end of the group. Years later it was learned that the health problems of one of his children led José María Cano to make that decision.

Nacho’s love

In the eighties he was considered one of the most desired artists by fans. At that time he had no problem appearing in magazines with his girlfriend Coloma Fernandez Armero. However, his most mediatic relationship would be with Penelope Cruzan unknown 15-year-old teenager he met on the set of the Mecano video clip The force of Destiny.

Penélope and Nacho were together for six years, between 1990 and 1996. Those were the years in which the Madrilenian evolved to become the great young bet of Spanish cinema with titles like Ham Ham either belle epoque. On her side, Nacho lived with her her breakup with Mecano and together they settled down for a while to live in New York.

With Nacho Cano, Penélope Cruz discovered Buddhism and yoga and came to blend in with the singer’s spirituality, being one of the most striking couples on the national entertainment scene in the 90s. The breakup came in 1996. Then Penélope began an affair with Gigi Sarasola and, since then, Nacho Cano has been especially discreet with his private life.

Nacho Cano, creator of ‘Malinche’: The war with his brother José María and his love with Penélope Cruz