Iran. Mass March to Condemn Charlie Hebdo Profanities

Summary Middle East, January 13, 2023. The Iranian people demonstrate en masse in several cities against the blasphemies of a French magazine and the interference of the West in the affairs of their country. Thus, Iranians across the country strongly condemned the recent publication of offensive cartoons by the French magazine charlie hebdo against the … Read more

Hajar Boudraa, the veiled magistrate. “So I defeat prejudices. But Iran is wrong to impose it”

The first magistrate with the veil. Thirty years old, born in Morocco and resident in Verona, Hajar Boudraa she graduated in Law in Trento and is attending the second year of specialization school: she could become the first female magistrate in Italy to wear it hijabs. “I’m doing an internship as a deputy prosecutor in … Read more

Refaire la révolution en Iran

Refaire la révolution en Iran Par Behrang Pourhosseini Les condamnations à mort, précédées d’aveux obtenus sous la torture, se multiplient en Iran, suite aux manifestations amorcées par la mort le 16 septembre de Mahsa Amini, une étudiante arrêtée par la police des mœurs. L’attachement du régime des mullahs au voile, véritable fétiche au sens freudien … Read more

“Sorella! Capisci o hai paura?”. Note di viaggio in Iran

(copertina di ericailcane) Dal numero 9 (novembre 2022) de Lo stato delle città Recita! “Or Noi volevamo invece beneficiare coloro che erano stati oppressi sulla terra, e volevamo farne i prìncipi primi, volevamo farne, di Faraone, gli eredi”. (Cor. 28:5) Un uomo raccoglie un fascio di tessuti da un camion. Sono rettangoli di stoffa stretti … Read more

Golshifteh Farahani believes that “yes, things will work out in Iran”

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani is tireless when it comes to defending freedom in his native country, via his Instagram account. Barely out of the joyful promo A romantic comedy by Thibault Segouin, which she co-stars with Alex Lutzhere we are in South Africa to shoot the rest of the series Invasionthen to Prague from where … Read more

Smaïn Laacher: “In Iran, radical criticism of the religious order tries to redefine the question of equality between the two sexes in all areas of society”

Lhistory does not repeat itself. The Iran of 2022 is no longer that of 1979. Since the coming to temporal and spiritual power of Ayatollah Khomeini, popular protests have been numerous and women have always been massively present during the protests. The economic and social situation has continued to deteriorate, in town and in the … Read more

The emancipation of women in Iran will be against state Islam

In Muslim-majority societies, women are legally inferior, and Islamism subjugates them socially. The tragic death of Mahsa Amini on September 16, 2022, beaten to death by the morality police in Iran because of her “bad veil”, led to an uprising of incredible and unprecedented courage by the entire Iranian population which lives since the Islamic … Read more

“Repression in Iran: Iranian Women: Active and Rebellious”

With the escalation of repression in Iran, hardliners in the regime are showing the nature of the state: totalitarian, retrograde and intolerant. They won the presidential and parliamentary elections and dominate the institutions, but without popular legitimacy, because abstention reached 53% of the census. Article 638 of the Penal Code condemns appearing in public without … Read more

Middle East Now, the film festival dedicated to the Middle East with a focus on Iran

Middle East Now will be from 4 to 9 October 2022, at the Cinema La Compagnia, at the Cinema Stensen and in other Florentine spaces, with a multifaceted program of events, including cinema, documentaries, art, exhibitions, music, food, meetings and cultural projects. This is a festival that has always been characterized by … Read more